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The Long Awaited Cosmetic Mystery Box

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Cosmetic Mystery Box


For a long time Ironmen & Normies alike requested a Cosmetic Mystery Box.
Today we answer that request with a banger of a box.

Inside this box comes loads of new items both common & rare loots!
Check out all the images & drop table below:


These will be available in unlimited quantities just like the Super Mystery Boxes.
No waiting, no limited drops. Constant availability starting now!


Introducing: The Ankou Outfit, Heavy Chest, Large Spade, Bloodhound pet & Bucket Helm (g)!

16.59.06-10.11.20.png 16.59.29-10.11.20.gif

16.59.46-10.11.20.gif 16.59.54-10.11.20.png

Remember the famous Ale of the Gods? Available now in this Cosmetic Mystery Box!



Tons of new Fashionscape items available as common loots too!

17.04.54-10.11.20.png 17.12.46-10.11.20.gif

Here's a closer look at most of the other items available..

17.17.38-10.11.20.png 17.17.44-10.11.20.png

Finally, a box the 11.00.29-18.10.20.png Ironmen can enjoy too!


Full Drop Table




Big shout out to @Luke who put this box together for us! ❤️


Miscellaneous Fixes & Changes

Looting bag has been fixed (opening upon death)
HCIM's when dying cannot login if died under 1500 total (currently being reviewed)
Fixed Kraken's anims
HCIM's death now display properly on the Hiscores
Ironmen are no longer rolled in in-game giveaways
110 Combat Level bug with Dom Gloves & Boss Tasks resolved
Betting Arena has been removed from Minigame Event on the weekend
Duel Arena "Previous Options" button now works & Obstacles course has been added
A dedicated Events tab was added to track live event statistics
The ability to run Skilling Events was added
Frozen key is now required to enter Nex.
Teleport interface has been updated to support more teleports.
    Farming patch teleports have been added to Skilling category.
Yaktwee stick can now be used to catch implings (with greater chance of success)
An issue causing clients to freeze & crash has been resolved
    Also fixed Staff member's yell
Barrow's Brothers now give PvM points
Fixed some ;tele location options  & any other miscellenious teleport that may have acted weird

Also, the following items have been made tradable:


-Darkmeyer Torso, trousers, boots
-Mudskipper Hat
-Zombie Mask, shirt, trousers, 
-Toy Kite
-Golden Hammer
-Jester Hat
-Swagger Stick
-Curled Horns
-Mime Mask, gloves,
-Frog Mask
-Beret and Mask
-Bobble Scarf
-Vile Horns
-Pirate Hat and Eyepatch
-Top Hat
-Double Eyepatches
-Dragon Ceremonial set
-Dragonbone Sets
-Lederhosen Set
-Long horns
-Skeleton Mask
-Black Tricorn Hat
-Bobble hat
-Chicken set
-Tri-Jester Scarf
-Jester Scarf
-Camo Set
-Witchdoctor set
-Flaming Skull
-Bone Brooch
-Zombie head
-Attacker (any level)
-Dark Bow (colored)
-White Afro
-Nurse Hat


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