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Skilling outfits

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Hey guys, we would like to discuss the Skilling Outfits and the current way they are obtained.

It has come to our attention that this system may not be the best, and so we would like to hear what you, the community have to say about this matter.

We are looking for feedback, regarding how to obtain them, should they be tradable or not and other things related to these outfits.

What could be done with skilling points & the skilling rewards shop if the system is to be changed?

Here are some ideas we've discussed:

- Leave it as it is.
- Complete x amount of a task to achieve it.
- Random drops while you skill.


Please share your thoughts and discuss it below.

thx callum

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The current system of Skilling Points just feels too simple and easy in my opinion - I feel this could be scrapped altogether and skilling points removed from the game. The difference in points gained for Easy, Default & Legend is really lame, and all accounts alike should have an equal opportunity to obtain the sets.

I've always liked the idea of the skilling outfits being obtained in a way that requires use of that specific skill - whether that be via a new set of skilling based achievements or as a randomly generated drop while performing an action in a certain skill.

A few examples I could suggest:

  • Runespan - Utilise the points to purchase the Runecrafter set.
  • Random drop chance from training a skill - such as smithing bars, blacksmith apron might drop.
  • Achieving 99 in a skill could guarantee 1 piece of the related skill outfit that the player does not own already.
  • Achievements based system with set milestones - EXAMPLE: Chop 10 logs, chop 50 logs, chop 1000 logs etc.


I think by the time a player reaches 200m XP in a skill, the player should have had the opportunity to obtain an outfit in its entirety.

I think it's important to allow all accounts the same chance at obtaining a piece of a skilling outfit, and for this reason feel they be untradeable so a player has a sense of Accomplishment when obtaining a piece.


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I like the fact that u can get the outfits by buying them from the skilling shop but it feels too slow. i think it should be more of a supplemental way to get the outfits. i believe that random drops would be the best way to obtain them while still having the chance to buy from the shop in case ur very unlucky

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I personally think that having them as random drops whilst completing the skill would not only work better, but also be more rewarding. Would be the same thrill as pulling a pet while you're on a long grind (better rates of course).

If this does not end up being a community favourite, then definitely as a "Complete X amount of tasks to obtain the item" as this could be tied into a potential Achievement rework or used as a small benchmark for Completionist Cape (T) requirements.

Either way, get them out of the stores, add in the missing outfits and stick them on the Collection Log.

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Huge support from me, I think having each action for the respective skill having an individual drop rate would be ideal.

For example..

Lumberjack outfit piece:

Normal Tree: 1/3500

Oak Tree: 1/3000

Willow Tree: 1/2500

Maple Tree: 1/2000

Yew Tree: 1/1500

Magic Tree: 1/1000

Could add chances to Mahogany and Teak too ofc

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12 hours ago, Goddess said:

I feel this could be scrapped altogether and skilling points removed from the game.


I think a better solution would be to use the skilling points more like how pvm points are used for non-ironman accs. That way there's always an additional incentive to skill. Via the other suggestions of adding the outfits to be earned more specific to each skill we would then have room in the skilling shop for other supplemental items like the suggested skilling mystery box. ATM there isn't much of a points sink for them and i'm sure others as well as myself have amassed a considerable holding of points.

I'd definitely support the idea of moving the outfits out of the shop and into either a drop table like pets or through achievements and be made untradeable.

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