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  1. After him being moved to a new area i noticed even with range gear, i was sometimes forced to run into melee range. There was a moment where I tried running away but like a vacuum i kept going back to him and he would also run all the way towards us as well. i should probably mention this was during the grae event on 10/21 8pm pst. There were some other people there who can vouch for it as well and will send them the forum topic so they hopefully write their own experience. 2 of them however i noticed randomly ran waaaaay tf north. i went up to see why they ran there and they said they didn't
  2. wholeheartedly agree. most people speed run through dung in order to get the xp and tokens as quick as possible. if after the floor it just appears in your inv itll be much safer.
  3. I like the fact that u can get the outfits by buying them from the skilling shop but it feels too slow. i think it should be more of a supplemental way to get the outfits. i believe that random drops would be the best way to obtain them while still having the chance to buy from the shop in case ur very unlucky

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