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Summoning Guide

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Hello all this guide in not a guide for efficiency but EXP of all pouches that can be made in-game


To start summoning off you will need to run to the South-West from the bank to the building which you can find Pikkupstix. He will have all the Items Required to start summoning. After this you can either run down the Trapdoor in the bulding or you can go to Skilling teleports and on the second page you will find the summoning teleport. This will take you to the Summoning obelisk in Taverly.

Screenshot_8.png This very bad picture I did in paint shows you where to go from the bank.


These graphs below shows the Exp per pouch for each familiar

Gold Charms


Green Charms


Crimson Charms


Blue Charms



Extra Notes: At level 43 along with Spirit Coraxatrice all other Spirit pouches at that level that req a Egg are same Exp. also anything that can't be Bought are items that have to be bought by players or made yourself.


Runecrafing Guide: http://www.elyrsps.net/forums/showthread.php?781-Runecraft-Runespan-Guide

Herblore Guide: http://www.elyrsps.net/forums/showthread.php?572-Herblore-Guide

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