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staff of ethernal hellfire buff?

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b4 everyone starts thelling me that staff of ethernal hellfire is bis?

yes it is bis at using barrage. yes it is the staff with the higest magic damage bonus ingame.

i kill alot of zulrah as many of you know, and tested out the staff of ethernal hellfire.

on task i can hit 620-630 with ice barrage(seems very nice)

i also tested it with fire surge on task= 570 damage

il also tested trident(for the most of my kills). trident got +1 magic attack bonus i can hit on task with trident 660+

they are both 4tick speed

staff of ethernal hellfire= 3-4b, trident of the sea= 300-500m

storm of armadyl, 3tick speed, hitting 712+ damage on task(i know runes are a pain to get)(unlim runes with patron donator rank)1500$

my suggestion: make staff of ethernal hellfire 1 attack speed faster on normal spellbook, osrs just released at staff with this perk:harmonised nightmare staff.

this would make it as fast as storm of armadyl.

YouTube it if you dont know the staff.

this would make the staff of ethernal hellfire and normal spellbook alot better.

storm of armadyl will still be bis.

i wanna know what the community thinks about this suggestion, or maby one of you got a better idea.

note!: testing magic on the max hit dummie at home= broken!, test at against real nps please.





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Just now, Kari said:

You do realize not all weapons are best everywhere?

I agree on this. But the only place where staff of ethernal hellfire is bis is at glaciors.

To me this is dissapointing for a 3-4b staff. Dropped by harbinger.

And my suggestion is not to make it bis. My suggestion is to make it alittlebit better. And give it more use.

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1 minute ago, rahamies said:

I dont see it need buff. Just like kari said not need be bis in every places

I dont want the staff to be bis at all, 1tick faster is not bis everywhere, storm of armadyl will still be 1#

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