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Sideus guide to ELy's bosses!

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Hey all, so this actually surprising took A LOT of work and is still incomplete, but will hopefully provide an "go to" place for people who don't know how to "player vs monster" and would like to get started. like i said THIS IS NOT FINISHED YET so please if you have any recommendations or catch any mistakes please let me know :D also i had to do this with the little gear i had so ill be explaining what you can and cannot take as well as posting screen shots of what i did take. without further adieu! here it is! (how to teleport to boss's -----> https://imgur.com/a/Rkc4iGx

1. King Black Dragon

  • recommended levels: 70+ attack strength defence 43 prayer






  • recommended inventory: overloads (if not supers) prayer flasks super antiposion antifire (unless you have the perm super anti fire) saradomin brews (If you don't have overloads then super pots, rocktail/shark) https://imgur.com/a/U0YfY3Q




  • Now that your geared, time to kill a king. teleport to the lair by using the shortcut in the notes section then selecting boss teleport's and king black dragon, go through the gate and down the ladder. pull on the red lever and your now in the lair.



  • fighting the king you want to pray melee, your anti fire with dragon fire shield should cover you from mage. if you see yourself poisoned use your super anti poison, rest of the fight is pretty self explanatory so just don't die and don't un-equip your anti fire shield its taking most of that blast! https://imgur.com/a/rV1sMVm


2. Dagannoth kings


  • recommended levels: 70+ attack strength defense range mage 43 prayer (99 summoning for titan helps A LOT as you can send your titan to aggro one of them)



  • recommended gear: black dhide or elite void chaotics/whip (you need all different types of combat methoids (melee range mage) as each king is immune to one. I myself took this: (mostly due to lack for cash lol) what i took ---> https://imgur.com/a/08yzSWL




  • recommended inventory: overloads (or supers/rocktails if you don't have overloads), prayer flask, Special weapon (more damage) and saradomin brews I myself took: https://imgur.com/a/A33sbRI



  • Now that you have your gear and inventory time to fight the boss's use the dagannoth king's teleport under "boss teleport" under your notes section. Then head down the latter next to you and REMEMBER TO PRAY MAGE and turmoil if you got it. https://imgur.com/a/E9isYsH

3. General Graardor




  • Recommended levels: 70+ attack strength defense 43 prayer (99 summoning helps with titan or pack yak (you can use war tort if you wish.))I







  • recommended inventory: overloads (or supers/rocktails if you don't have overloads) prayer flasks sara brews I Strongly recommend having overload and saradomin brews for this boss as he constantly hits 350+ range




  • Now that you got your gear and your inventory time to fight the boss, to get there use the boss teleports under your notes section, select god wars and then bandos, run north and you will find a door. MAKE SURE YOU OVERLOAD UP AND PROTECT MELEE BEFORE YOU ENTER!!! General Graardor has been known to one hit newbs with melee! so be careful! obviously the main focus is the general, kill him as fast as possible and if you have titan either set it to attack him or his minions (there should be three of them in the room) once the general is dead chances are you have lost a little hp, i would recommend using "soul split" on his minions to heal up a bit without using food. if you don't have soul split just try to kill his minions as fast as possible (i still cant do all three with Torva and Chaotic rapier :D)

4. Commander Zilyana

  • Recommended level: Pretty much the exact same as General Graardor, 70+ attack strength defense 43 pray ( 99 summoning helps!)




  • Recommended gear: Also pretty much the same, you want the most protection against melee, so i would recomend elite void + (bandos gear torva etc)




  • Recommended inventory: Also pretty much the same, Overload prayer flasks saradomin brews special attack weapon. (again if you don't have overloads use supers + rocktails but i strongly recommend having overloads with saradomin brews)




  • Okay now that you have your gear, time to fight the boss. Head back to godwars dungeon but this time select "Saradomin" instead of "Bandos" when you teleport in you should be right next to a rock use that rock to climb down and then go through the door MAKE SURE YOU PROTECT MAGE AND TURMOIL UP BEFORE YOU ENTER! once you enter its time to fight the Commander, just keep hitting her till shes dead use your titan against her or her three other minions in the room. once your done with the commander use "soul split" against the minions until she responds. DON'T FORGET TO GO BACK TO PROTECT MAGE!


5. K'ril Tsutsaroth



  • Recommended level: 70+ att str def 70 prayer (as he drains prayer like a mofo) also 99 sum helps with titan!




  • Recommended gear: Elite void + (bandos gear torva etc) special attack weapon.




  • Recommended inventory: overloads prayer flasks saradomin brews SUPER ANTIPOISION FLASK! (again if you don't have overloads just use supers and rocktails) some also like prayer restore flasks due to prayer drain from boss.




  • Okay now you got your gear, time to go kick a demons ass. Teleport to godwars dungeon and use the "Zamorak" teleport. should put you on the other side of a bridge, move away from the bridge till you get to his door. REMEMBER TO PROTECT AGAINST MAGE AND TURM UP BEFORE YOU ENTER!!!! once inside obviously take down K'ril hes the main target, once done use soulsplit against his minions.



6. Kree'arra


  • Recommended level: 80+ range (for CCB) 70+ defense. 43+ prayer (again 99 summoning helps!)




  • Recommended gear: Elite void (could also use Armadyl chest+legs) Chaotic cross bow DFS (or chaotic kite/sigil shileds etc)




  • Recommended inventory: Overloads Prayer flasks Sara brews prayer renew flasks (also again instead of overloads you can use super range and rocktails)




  • Alright... time to go roast a bird, once you got your gear equipped teleport to the Godwars dungeon and select "Armadyl" once you spawn in your gonna be on the other side of a pit. run north till you get to Kree's door, BEFORE YOU ENTER PROTECT AGAINST RANGE AND TURMOIL UP! now just focus on Kree and set your titan either to her or her minions. once shes dead use soul split on the other minions till she re-spawns then go back to protect against range and focus her.

7. Chaos Elemental




  • Reccommended level: 80+ Range 43+ Prayer 70+ Defence




  • Recommended Gear: Keep it mind this is in the wildy so BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU TAKE I usually take black d'hide and my chaotic cross bow.




  • Recommended inventory: overloads prayer flasks saradomin brews (again and jebus i'm getting tired of saying this... if you don't have overloads just use supers and rocktails the boss aint that hard)




  • Alright once you got your gear time to go dehumidify a cloud. use the "chaos elemental" teleport under boss fights (KEEP IN MIND ITS IN THE WILDY) Once there honestly i would just use soul split and turmoil. pray mage i guess if you don't have it. now keep in mind he has three different attacks, one teleport's you one empty's your equipped items into your inventory and the other just damages.

That's It for now guys, once i get some more gear and can pvm some of the bigger monsters ill edit this post and include them. as said from above this took a considerable amount of time and could have MANY mistakes, so please feedback is almost necessary now. this is just a quick go to guide for people who don't know how to "player vs monster or PVM" certain bosses, people take different gear to different bosses so please keep that in mind. thanks all.




kbd invin.png

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Looks good so far, but instead of just posting a link to the pictures try using the LINK tags around the direct link so the pictures appear in the thread :)

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Nice work, small addition: You cannot use Overloads in the Wilderness, you want to replace those with a combat potion. Also, use potion's for Chaos Ele instead of flasks since she unequips your weapons if you have free inv spots.

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