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Found 3 results

  1. NOTE: This is just a price GUIDE. Prices may vary in-game to what is shown on here. [Hold CTRL+F to find a specific item] Exclusive Items Custom Items - 1-10B (DISCLAIMER: A minimum of $100 donation is required for player custom items to be made, this DOES NOT mean they are instantly worth 10B.) Fiery Partyhat - 10-15B Fiery Cape - 5-7B Fiery Corruption - 5-7B Fiery Divine - 7.5-10B Primal Fiery Rapier - 3-4B Amulet of Fiery Fury - 500M-1B Molten Crown of Tzhaar - 1-2B Blazing Sword - 2B (4-5B Trimmed) Chaotic Partyhat - 10B Part
  2. Kyle

    Hello Again

    Ely Fam, Good morning everyone. A lot of things have been going on in my life recently, in all aspects of it. I'm deploying soon, I've had family members die, and I want to start working on a degree. While all of this has kept me busy, it's finally reached a place where it's manageable. I've had time to think about other, smaller (but not less-important) things. Today as I woke up, I thought about you guys. The playerbase, the staff, the owner. I realized that, on a large scale level, I never apologized to all of you as a whole. I never said I was sorry for degrading the integrity of thi
  3. Welcome to my Mining skill guide Here I will be showing you training methods from 1-99 and even 200m xp NOTE: All xp rates are on Default game mode. Adjust accordingly for Legend mode by multiplying actions by 5, or dividing xp by 5 Getting Started Talk to Bob and Obli @ Home Tele to get Bronze, Iron, and Rune Pick Add the Bronze pick to your toolbelt if you haven't done so earler Head to the Skilling Area in the Skilling Teleports and go east to get to the ore rocks Level 1-15 (2,411 xp required) Copper or Tin ore gaining 875 xp

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