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  1. defensive can we get the defensive exp for range and mage fixed dosent multiply properly
  2. i didnt know normal players didnt have this i also approve
  3. @boats good reply but once people get gloves they dont go back i just think it would be fun to do is all
  4. as we are all aware the dom tower is a bit neglected , tedious and all round a terrible experience . i had a few ideas today while i was going through it again. 1.what if we remove the floor system all together and have the bosses spawn in the same area one at a time and it works off kills instead of floors (yes i understand the premise of the dom tower buts its an rsps so calm down) 2.there is a points system for rewards so 200 kills you get to roll for one pair of gloves and 100 kills you get to roll for one weapon (kills are doubled on saturdays) the reason for 200 kills for gloves is because of the incresed speed of progression within the tower 3.not only remove kq and nomad but most of the others too add id like general graardor ,krill,zilly,kree (force gear switches) keep kbd keep jad keep elvarg add chaos ele 4.add more rewards to keep the place alive like skilling supplys i.e 100 rune bars for 30 kills (just a random figure obv) custom capes for 1k kills 10k kills and 100k kills/points with stats similar to tok-bone and kiln capes gives people a long term thing to work towards keeping players intrested (i am well aware that this is alot like nitemare zone in many ways but mixing up the bosses takes away the afk aspect and makes it somewhat enjoyable)
  5. Vote yes only if soloable drys would get people into pvm or even add them to a minigame
  6. IM completely here for this it will make slayer tasks and bossing worth doing

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