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    Owner Lation - Good guy, active in chat when he's able to. Matt - Never met him, fun to kill the npc tho. Developer Luke - Never met him Splash - Never met him either Administrators Kari - Never met this guy either Global Moderators Kemi - #1 goof but always helpful when he's online Server Moderator Jordan - Rich boi, but helpful Callum - Helpful when he's online Ultsonofares - Also helpful when hes online Forum Moderators Enzyme - Never see him in-game but active on discord which is nice Support Masoud - Good support man, helps when needed and also sells lots of st00f P.S. I feel like there's almost 0 communication when it comes to most things to players, maybe work on that a bit like a dev blog or an update ETA instead of Soon TM
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    Im here only 3 months, but i had a lot of experience. Owner Lation - Godfather, always is ready to answer, and always looks swag when afk. Matt - I havent met him Developer Luke - I havent met him. Splash - Godfather's son. Administrators Kari - Guy who is ready to chill with you and help. Global Moderators Kemi - Always thought its Kari, but supportive too, and funny Server Moderator Jordan - Always Online, Always answers, Always rich, Always grinding, Always buying things above market value, Always Flexin, Always walking in clout gear, hes crazy. Callum - Havent seen him as much as other mods/admins Ultsonofares - Saw him fishing, hes hardcore. Forum Moderators Enzyme - Really smart guy, like really. Support Masoud - Thats what he does, he supports.
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    I personally just don’t think it’s needed. Having all the guides in one easily searchable post feels less cluttered to me. Once you open the the skilling sub section, you’re most likely just going to ctrl+f to find the one you’re looking for. But both would work
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    KBD is deemed an entry level boss for new PVMers. It's not meant to be a challenge & it is not a surprise higher level players with a bit more experience can actually AFK This boss. Secondly, KBD's Lair is not intended to be a PVP zone, and never has been. The area outside is what creates the risk factor, However it is a pretty interesting concept to make the whole arena a PVP zone. I am heavily against forcing players into the wilderness just to gain something significant in terms of progression for the player, such as the DFS from KBD. So for this reason i don't favor this as an update. What i do think would be beneficial is adding the OSRS Wilderness bosses with good drops to hunt all across the wildy, therefore adding a high risk vs reward activity to the wilderness as well as some new challenging bosses for those players seeking the dangerous bossing experience.

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