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  1. Support 10000%, so annoying. The fight caves one is useless, maybe just the first cave completed but the 500 after that, come on now
  2. Thanks for this! It's really neat to see how things work behind the scenes. Thanks for all your work, I'm open for testing this btw
  3. Timburt

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - Good guy, active in chat when he's able to. Matt - Never met him, fun to kill the npc tho. Developer Luke - Never met him Splash - Never met him either Administrators Kari - Never met this guy either Global Moderators Kemi - #1 goof but always helpful when he's online Server Moderator Jordan - Rich boi, but helpful Callum - Helpful when he's online Ultsonofares - Also helpful when hes online Forum Moderators Enzyme - Never see him in-game but active on discord which is nice Support Masoud - Good support man, helps when needed and also sells lots of st00f P.S. I feel like there's almost 0 communication when it comes to most things to players, maybe work on that a bit like a dev blog or an update ETA instead of Soon TM
  4. KBD should be an entry level boss for people to learn basics when it comes to bossing. Turning the arena itself into PVP would for sure deter new players away. As Splash mentioned above, having the wilderness bosses would be perfect for what you're looking for! I don't support turning KBD arena into PVP, but I do support the idea of the wilderness bosses being added!
  5. I support this! It would be great to add to comp (t)
  6. -Bronze dragons can instant kill you if you do not protect melee -When you use the deflect from melee curse, these cause very high amounts of damage to be done -Dark beasts can instant kill you if you do not protect melee -Deviant Spectres only have one spawn, other spawns are abberant -Deviant Spectres do not count towards spectres task for slayer -Ankous are spawned in the southernmost section when map says Deviant Spectres
  7. Timburt

    Not so Elite

    Welcome to Not so Elite, where anyone can join! If you need help, you can always ask in the clan chat. Everyone starts somewhere, so it's time for new players to feel more welcome. If you'd like an invite, PM me in-game and I can invite you!
  8. In RS3, you can obtain an Ascension crossbow by killing Legiones for their signets. 6 signets = 1 crossbow. My suggestion for this is to have the Ascension dungeon (or a variant of it, I know the actual dungeon is buggy af in most places). Even a custom area along the likes of Ruins, with two of each ascension creature to kill for keys (like totem pieces in catacombs) for a kill at Legiones. Similar idea for Seismic Wand, even adding a new drop to creatures in Catacombs for a kill at a boss (either new or already in-game). These would create new BIS weapons for ranged and magic, while being hard to obtain at the same time.

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