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  1. From Man him self... GOD!
  2. I thought today that Smouldering stone is that red stone for Jordans, and i got already trade, when i feeled scamed, and why i thought so, cause its almost exacly same as Jordan stone, and cause of announcment, thinking that its 1.5b-2b drop.
  3. @Luke Thats okay 😄 We just saying how it is, we are not sayin that its bad 🙂 Take ur time 😄

  4. Im here only 3 months, but i had a lot of experience. Owner Lation - Godfather, always is ready to answer, and always looks swag when afk. Matt - I havent met him Developer Luke - I havent met him. Splash - Godfather's son. Administrators Kari - Guy who is ready to chill with you and help. Global Moderators Kemi - Always thought its Kari, but supportive too, and funny Server Moderator
  5. Tactics bro! I posted at the start, and stalked this topic. 103
  6. P.s.s - #BuffCookingGaunlets
  7. First thing - Wilderness skilling. In Rouge castle, there could be Magic trees, ores, fishing etc, but loot you would get noted. It would be better with some kind requirment, but high ranks would know better. What it would change: More Pking, little bit riskier and easier loot, for like skillers. Second thing - Vote shop rework. I think that no-one votes cause of rewards. Maybe after SOF rework , there would be a possibility to buy SOF spins, some cosmetics, Mboxes, maybe its too OP, but votes gets server more popular. Thanks for attention!
  8. I think 100m tickets would be better.

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