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Staff Changes

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Update on Staff changes made today:


Congratulations to Jake who has been promoted to 2823yq1.jpgSupport!

Congratulations to Callum being promoted to 2hwlpax.pngGlobal Moderator!


In the mean time, our past Global Moderator, Early has been moved down to just Server Moderator not due to any lack of ability but lack of activity due to school and all he has going on. Also, our past Support member, Garrett has been relived of his duties. Just due to life taking up time & his position being better filled by Jake. Our Staff positions are filled by individuals we feel are professional, respectful and can advance Ely to the next level. Again, please congratulate our newest Staff members!


We are more than pleased to have you on board Jake, we feel you will fill this position wonderfully. And Callum you have been a huge asset to Ely, and we thank you for your time & service and looking forward to seeing you both move forward and what you can contribute to Ely and it's community. Thank you again!

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I first wanted to start off by saying a huge thankyou to Lation and Matt. They have both single handedly revived a community thriving for greater things.

Everyday I hope onboard this journey I see laughter and smiles (with the occasional bit of banter sprinkled inbetween) *Cough* BOATS *cough*.

This is what community is about people!

A further thankyou is needed for Callum, a man who without being asked twice is there to help, No questions asked. That's leadership!


This morning upon arriving at work to fill out some classic paperwork I was pleasantly surprised to receive some good old MySpace Mail from Lation himself. I nearly died.

This man, our owner along with the rest of his staff team wanted me to join them in creating a place where anyone can come to relax and chill with mates. There wasn't even enough time to even contemplate it. Twas an instant YES!


Thankyou all, catchya ingame ;)

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