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The name is James, I'm 23 (tax baby), love music (metal, rock, classical, opera, little rap, etc.), and currently working towards getting into the military later year along with the police department after I come back from basic.



Have a slight obsession with polar bears - absolutely love them, and I've committed a bit of time in trying to help them when I can such as adopting one and keeping tabs on his progress! A wonderful species to try to keep alive I'd say.


Have another obsession with the darker side of things like horror (literature, movies, artwork, etc.) so you may see me share a few things VIA my profile or something along those lines! You're welcome to also suggest any kind of movie, I will always try to get to it.


Been with RSPS for a little over 16 years and have managed to do quite a bit in that timeframe of course. And to just note for you guys, this will be my first RSPS that I've decided to try that is over the 317 revision. While I have played others before, I've not really ever decided to log in and really and truly play it plus stick around. They had never really interested me until I had finally gotten into RuneScape (as far as EOC goes).


Other than that, there's not much else to say. Looking forward to see you guys around.

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Welcome Soulcist,


very interesting introduction! Glad to have you here.

Quite the amount of time spent in RSPS, that's for sure.

I'm surprised to hear this is your first youve tried over the 317 rev!


I do hope you enjoy it, but may have a little bit of a learning curve then?

Not much, but theres some. I honestly love the 718 revision (hence we run it).


There is so much that goes unnoticed in these revisions, and it's nice to see people branching out of their comfort zone to try new things; I believe you''ll be pleasantly surprised.

I see you joined the Discord, feel free at any time whatsoever to ask questions, I'm sure you will run into some.


In the mean time, looking forward to seeing you around & enjoy!

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Welcome! Seen you on a little bit, and looking forward to seeing you around more!


Hope you enjoy the server as much as we do :D



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