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Patch Notes LXXIV (#74) Bug Fixes Continue

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Bug Fixes Continue


Out of bounds at Jatizso resolved
Usernames with spaces in CC unable to hold rank resolved
Bloodvelds at Catacombs hitting with Magic resolved
Making Flasks XP is now correct
Attack styles now save based on weapon-type
Wilderness Obelisk now does not teleport you back to the one you used
Blowpipe attack animations corrected
Dagannoth Kings & Familiars issue resolved
Max Cape & Ava's affect resolved
Fixed & corrected Casket rewards with Dragonhide (t) items
Serpentine Helm immunity to poison & venom now works at intended
Casting on Dummy at home manually bug resolved
The make "X" option in dungeoneering for cooking resolved
Glitch when fighting Yk Lagor in dungeoneering resolved
Heavy & light ballista's issue resolved
Cosmetic Mystery Boxes going to Bot bank accounts should be resolved
Double Zulrah's spawning in an instance should be resolved for all instances
Bank Pin is now required with presets
You will now keep Battle Royale Aura's on death
Karil's Crossbow not working properly has now been resolved

We hope you enjoy!

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