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Drift Dad

Drift Dad here!

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Hello other players!
My name is Drift Dad, recently my wife got a promotion 2600 miles away from where we lived. So atm i'm currently unemployed and looking for a time waster for a while "Taking a solid break to hang with the toddler". My wife use to play the runescape religiously and figured I'd give it a whirl. Not wanting to waste the next year of my life my wife pointed me into the RSPS scene. I'v played on a couple "Custom" servers with pokemon and weird stuff and it's just a bit to kiddish for me. I played RS back in the day till they took away free trade. So i'm decently new to the whole scene in general. Hoping to meet some new players and maybe get some advice on the way!
--Drift Dad

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Yes sir! I see you're a man of culture as well! Always wanted a ae86 but i'm 6"6, almost pulled the plug on one that was a coupe with a beams swap. Was just to uncomfortable for my style. 


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