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Minigame Pets

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Minigames are one of those things that are completed once for the rewards and then forgotten about due to lack of additional grind ability. Take Pest Control for example, once you've got the Hoods and Gloves (maybe even Completing the Log entry - which doesn't take long), you'd either never go back or only return to help boost an alt account or friend. What I'm suggesting is for Minigame Pets to be added to further increase the grind past just those required items. The pet would be rolled at the end of a minigame session (similar to Forlorn weapons in Dungeoneering) at a reasonable rate (1-50 games potentially? Can be expanded on with feedback).

  • Barrows - Either a miniature Akrisae can be obtained or a Barrows Brother pet that can be morphed into whichever of the brothers you prefer.
  • Dominion Tower - A Dreadnip pet will follow you (have the pet chance increase with higher floor completions capping at 100 floors).
  • Pest Control - Pick any of the mobs at Pest Control and shrink them down.
  • Fight Kiln - Suggested before, but a boss pet.
  • Warrior's Guild - A mini Cyclops will follow you.
  • Castle Wars - Postal Pete who stands in the lobby will follow you.
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