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The end of an era.

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Never written anything like this before, but here goes.


I started playing back in April/May 2018, and have been playing (on and off) ever since. I've seen many people come and go, made lots of friends(and enemies), had a lot of fun with people.

Being an ironman is a hellalot of fun. If you lose bank, you can't just buy or gamble your way back, you actually have to re-acquire everything from wherever you got it. When you want to go bossing and you've ran out of potions or food, well you'll just have to wait with bossing and go do your 'chores'. 

But, like all good things, they must come to an end.


Shadowlands is the latest expansion to release in World of Warcraft and I play in a semi-hardcore guild and a group in our guild are planning on getting to max level as quick as possible and to start our gear-grind as fast as possible. I am a part of that group.



I have disappeared for a few months at a time before and I'm sure Lation has been worried sick and wondered where I was, so I am now writing this as an informative letter to him so that he doesn't have to worry.

I am not seriously quitting, I just thought this would be a dramatic, funny way to say I'll be gone for a few weeks to grind Shadowlands before I come back and show everybody my incredible RNG luck.


Love, Fe Clar. ❤️

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