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New Daily Exclusives Item

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Daily Exclusive Item


Some of you may have already noticed the new item(s) available in the "Exclusives" section of our Store. Let me explain what this is exactly: long story short, this shop will update every day. A new item will be available every day. If the item is a set, each piece will follow the other day after day until all the parts ran through, then a new item or set will be available.

What are these items? These are all the exclusives ever made/sold/introduced into a box, etc. Why? It's become very clear that every exclusive item we made eventually faded into the dark, to never be seen again. 99% of these items end up on no-longer-active accounts. Fact of the matter is within RSPS the player turnover rate is very high, the average player plays for less than 30 days & moves on. That's the nature of RSPS. Of course this comes with the exceptions such as many of you who have stuck around month after month, year after year. However, these assets we made; spent time & money developing, designing, etc - eventually always vanish within 1-2 months after release, most often never to be seen again. This resulted in loads of items and wasted time & money just simply vanish.

So we came up with the idea, to have a daily rotating shop that resets every day and cycles through the Exclusives. For multiple reasons: #1 - this allows us to continue to see and make available assets we've made, instead of letting them rot away. #2 - this gives the players new opportunities who have missed many months before & many exclusive items before them to finally get a chance at obtaining them. Overall, this will have very little to zero impact on any current Exclusive items available.

Each item only appears for a short 24 hour window, and then will not be seen again until a couple months later. The list of exclusives will loop, and being as there is many, many items it will take nearly 3 months before this list loops. At the time of this posting the "Charred" set is currently available for the first time since its introduction, but once the day is over, this specific item will not be available again in the Shop until 2021.

With all that said, we do hope you enjoy this update and appreciate the ability to obtain items once thought to never be seen again. Fiery items? You'll see them in there one day, keep checking! Tz-Tol? Check the shop every day, it'll show up eventually. The Nutcracker set? That's right, keep checking that shop & one day it'll be available.

Check back every single day to see what new item will be available! And remember, once the 24 hour window has passed on the item it will not be available again until (approx.) 3 months later! Get them while you can ❤️

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