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What would you like to see in the next exclusive boxes / store?

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Hey fellas, this thread will be here to collect your input on what should be put into future exclusive boxes, or possibly the store. We never want to make ely a pay to win incentive, which is why we took a step towards over-rides late last year. Lately the past months boxes have been a hit, and i aim to keep that mood alive. Anything you want to see in-game, now is the time to speak up.r

 If you have any ideas of themes, designs, or types of items should be added, Feel free to list them here below! I'm always looking for feedback on models, and always open to suggestions. If your supporting Ely, we'll always show some love back.

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adding a semi low chance to roll a $5 scroll in every monthly box would probably be pretty popular. could possibly even make a new semi common scroll that adds to your total donation but not Epoints balance similar to a custom item donation. It would be a decent way to help people achieve the donator perks they want a bit easier since IMO the price points, at the higher tiers, are a tad absurd.

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4 hours ago, Russia said:

Blue and green elegant blouse and skirt 🙂

I second this for the blue/green elegant blouse/skirt - although adding these to squeal of fortune would also be viable.

Also I really think the boxes should be focused around cosmetics or items which aren't going to have too much impact on the economy. 

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