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Kalphite Queen Guide

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Kalphite Queen Guide       


813124247_6f44ef0c3b984ba90eaee23eafe8de291.png.77bab768cccda9c36ec0d19f3a6a8507.png    1673416098_f0870140054771085fe36160186605e01.png.6c8214bca59d197f12a3af254b342b4a.png



About the boss

The Kalphite Queen has a combat level of 333, each form has 2550 Hitpoints, and her Ranged and Magic attacks have very high accuracy.  She may also use a decently accurate Melee attack.


The Queen has two forms: the first, she is an immense scarab beetle, and in her second, a giant wasp. She switches forms ONLY after the first has been fully defeated.


As a beetle, she is extremely resistant to Magic and Ranged attacks, as indicated by her overhead prayers. As a wasp, she is resistant to Melee attacks although it is still viable to use melee on both phases when using a steel titan as its special attacks do range damage.


Kalphite Queen DOES NOT require you to be on a slayer task in order to defeat it.




How to get to Kalphite Queen

To get to Kalphite Queen do  60111379_92339c865f3da2a254ed2093d47129351.png.185cefc8c8d35a60a9dbf6c64c551eb5.png 


Once you arrive click on the tunnel below to enter the Kalphite lair



Once in the lair run south and you will find the Kalphite Queen.


there is not currently an instance for this boss at the moment but I believe one will be added soon.


Gear and Inventory

To fight the Kalphite Queen you are going to want to use your best melee gear.


It is advised to kill Kalphite Queen while on a slayer task so you have the bonus damage but it is not essential and Kalphite queen can still be easily killed without being on task.


Divine is not essential but helps reduce the damage received as Kalphite Queen has accurate attacks.


Below are examples of High and Mid tear gear that is effective at Kalphite Queen. 

               High Tier                                                             Mid Tier

SCM_8XKY7G3Y5J.png.6d4d830e7c2f02599f1309fc191ed0c4.png                        SCM_MPK33tjbjL.png.0468e9b633b426536f25c57f1bc6235b.png


                                                       For the Inventory you are going to want to take as shown below.




The Boss Fight

Once you are ready to fight Kalphite Queen teleport there and enter the lair.


With the setup above the tactic is to melee the first phase using titan to attack then during the second phase spam the titans special attacks as they do range based damage and will kill the second form quickly.


If using a divine you can soulsplit Kalphite Queen but if using a DFS or Dragon Defender then its best to protect against magic.




The Lootations

Kalphite Queen drops various items such as skilling supplies. 


The most popular drops are the Primal Spear and the KQ head for the recolouring of the slayer helmet.




Video Demonstration

Below is a video of me demonstrating how to kill Kalphite Queen as explained above.





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