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A bit late

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Harro boys and girls, 


I'm a bit late on this, since I've been playing Ely for a few days now, but I got to say: Gz to the Owner and his Staff, you guys are doing a great job with this Server.  I started playing because I needed some time from the RS3/OSRS grind and ended up finding the first RSPS that really makes me want to play more and more, and because of that I'm supporting this Server with some donations and will keep doing so from time to time. I hope we can keep it running for a long time and I'm sure it will have all it's problems fixed in no time.


A little bit about me:


.Started playing Runescape in more or less 2011

.Getting a degree in Game Design (Almost 2 years already into the course)

.Not a native english speaker

.My favorite games are Europa Universalis IV, TES V: Skyrim and Dark Souls 3


Now, some questions I would like to make:

.Is there any way I can get the Barrows Gloves? Or the only way is getting the Starter Pack from the Store?

.How can I get more Clue Scrolls?

.Is there any way I can craft a Blood Amulet of Fury?


That's all I guess!

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Hello. Welcome to the server. Please direct all complaints to @Kari, he/she will sort you out. Have fun!


barrows gloves are at the training location, which is a neat custom addition to this server. You can also buy clue caskets and fury there. I dunno what a blood amulet of fury is tho. Sorry

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As Boats said you can obtain the barrows gloves through the training store, as well as berserker rings, fury's and some other gear to get you started.

As for clue scrolls theres plenty of methods, Such as hellhounds in catacombs or killing bosses like skotizo or kalphite queen.

Blood fury is not on the server currently, not sure if it will be added in the future but as of right now its unobtainable.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy your time here 🙂

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