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Slay's Mining Guide

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Welcome to my Mining skill guide

Here I will be showing you training methods from 1-99 and even 200m xp


NOTE: All xp rates are on Default game mode. Adjust accordingly for Legend mode by multiplying actions by 5, or dividing xp by 5



Getting Started


Talk to Bob and Obli @ Home Tele to get Bronze, Iron, and Rune Pick


Add the Bronze pick to your toolbelt if you haven't done so earler












Head to the Skilling Area in the Skilling Teleports and go east to get to the ore rocks








Level 1-15

(2,411 xp required)

Copper or Tin ore gaining 875 xp each needing only 3 ores to get to level 15






Level 15-50

(98,922 xp required)


Iron ore gaining 1,750 xp each needing 57 ores to reach level 50






Level 50-99

(12,933,098 xp required)


Quarry mining Sandstone. Use ::tele pollniveach then run west to the Quarry, check minimap if you get lost in the desert






There are 4 random kinds of Sandstone that can be mined for varying xp amounts


Sandstone (1kg) at 1,500 xp each

Sandstone (2kg) at 2,000 xp each

Sandstone (5kg) at 2,500 xp each

Sandstone (10kg) at 3,000 xp each

Roughly averaged out at 2,250 xp per action with 12,933,098 xp required for 99 it will take about 5750 Sandstone

I would recommend power mining this by mining the 2 spots then dropping the sandstone with shift-click then repeat






Donator Zone Methods

There are two methods of training in here, but will require having donor benefits. Type ::donate in-game or head on over to the Store


Both methods are located in the most southwest part of the Donator Zone



Living Mineral Rocks

These rocks have no level requirement, but having a higher level and better pick really helps with speed


They offer 2,500 xp per mine and give Living minerals required as bait for Rocktail fishing





Gold Mineral Deposit


This method will require Level 80 mining and an unlock via the store for 100 EP and is a great afk training method


3,000 xp per ore until full inventory






There is a Golden Mining Suit available though the Skilling rewards shop by typing ::shops while in-game, or by trading with other players

The suit offers an extra 1% bonus xp per piece and gives 6% bonus for having the full suit equipped.


While a rune pickaxe will get the job done, using a dragon pick (or primal) will be very beneficial towards mining speeds. You can get a Dragon pick from the store or by trading with other players


Check ::prices in-game with regards to mining suit and high level pickaxe prices


Don't forget to Vote for bonus xp while mining!


This is my first guide, be gentle :)


Edited by Slay
Added level req. for Gold Deposit
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