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Rooftop Agility Courses!

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Username: Kyle

Suggestion: I would really like to see more ways to train agility in-game, in the form of rooftop agility courses! I suggest that they start at level 60 and every 10 levels after that, another course with higher xp rates, ending at a level 99 course for the Agility fanatics out there (Kemi). I don't suggest we use the same courses as OSRS, because people who play it already grind those same courses enough. I'd like to offer the following locations as course areas:


Level 60-69: Above Daemonheim: it's a really cool looking area!

Level 70-79: Above Rimmington. It's a dead content area right now but I like the way it looks, and there's a lot of buildings to put a course above.

Level 80-89: Above home (Lunar Isle). This location would be close to everyone else and all the shops/grand exchange if you needed something from it. Overall an aesthetically pleasing area.

Level 90-98: Yanille (Again, an unused and otherwise dead content area).

Level 99: Skilling zone (This cuts down on the developers having to find extra places to put content / make room for it and also incorporates the skilling theme of the area into the course)


Optional (from a marketing standpoint and for the financial good of the server): A donor-only agility course over the water at donator zone. This would be awesome and maybe even encourage people to donate for even better xp rates, similar to the stalls there yielding more xp than the ones at home.



Why, and would this benefit?: The reason I suggest this is because Agility is currently one of the top 3 slowest skills in the game, and I think I might be right when I say that the general consensus among the playerbase is that Agility is a pretty undesirable, and not fun, skill to train.


Overall I'm really excited to bring this suggestion to you guys and I hope you like it as much as I do. I think it might give some more variety to the skill in general and give you some more content to work with besides the 3 normal courses. Let me know what you think!


Note: This content could be polled to see what kind of support it would pull, especially from people who don't have forums accounts to leave their opinion with.



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I think this is a great idea, definitely need more ways to train agility and a good way to obtain the graceful set, SUPPORT

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Love the idea of Rooftop Agility, whether it be the OSRS courses or a custom rooftop.

Support from me!

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