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Updated Price Guide With Justification for Several Item's Price

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Hello all,

     After starting playing again and seeing how the game is now, including metas, BIS items, etc, I've decided that the current price guide is just a little outdated. With that being said, here's a completely ripped off template that I got from Jordan's thread. Thank you in advance Mr. Jordan. This is just a GUIDE and the justification I give for each item's price might not match your own. THIS GUIDE IS PRIMARILY AIMED TOWARDS COMMONLY TRADED ITEMS, AND NOT COSMETICS.I think a lot of new players are being pointed towards an outdated guide for prices, so making this new one feels like the right thing to do. Please feel free to leave constructive criticism, but do not berate this thread just because my opinions might not be the exact way you feel about certain items. Thanks for reading.


Custom Items - 10B (These go for different prices depending on the custom item) - Completely fair price; most people never intend to sell their customs anyways.


sE0lEDn.pngSleigh - TBD

cHZ4dWg.pngChristmas Scythe - TBD

Sf8d9Pj.pngGiant Present - TBD

KzFU5iB.pngScythe - 2-3B

8g22ESE.pngFiery Cape - 4-5B

4m43TSp.pngFiery Corruption - 4-5B

qEIE73T.pngFiery Divine - 5-10B


o6m6EJn.pngDemonstrand Helm - 750M-1B

Xc1G6g6.pngDemonstrand Top - 750M-1B

djdkpZJ.pngDemonstrand Bottom - 750M-1B


ie3YoGh.pngFiery Partyhat - 10-15B

ADvvv0P.pngRainbow Partyhat - 7-8B

3cwyo14.pngBlack Partyhat - 8-10B

xKU6WmK.gifBlue Partyhat -1.75B Minimum, solely for the facts that it is never sold, and is the most expensive "buyable" partyhat. 0 have been sold on the Epoints shop.

gLM2OVf.gifWhite Partyhat -900M-1.2B: Slightly more common than a red phat but have been sold more on the online sho

rqVdwVo.gifRed Partyhat - 950M-1.25B, 0 have been sold on the Epoints shop and these are almost never traded.

3Q3yuvp.gifGreen Partyhat - 750-800M

pe8a5EF.gifYellow Partyhat - 750-800M

Xdt1e8U.gifPurple Partyhat - 900M minimum, least common partyhat from Christmas crackers, as well as a grand total of 0 have been bought from the Epoints shop.


5sFUjdM.pngBlack H'ween Mask - 2-3B

62zKjnD.pngWhite H'ween Mask - 1-1.5B

JUShUGA.gifRed H'ween Mask - 200M

8oYEHmB.gifBlue H'ween Mask - 150M

V6QgNmh.gifGreen H'ween Mask -100M


znIIico.pngAnti Santa Hat - 1-2B

DK9rpaT.pngReverse Santa Hat - 1-1.5B

TSMKEbC.pngBlack Santa Hat - 300-400M

m6OtHYV.gifSanta Hat - 200-300M


hTFd36M.pngBmDIqhP.pngAnti Santa Legs/Top - 300-400M (Per Piece)

ZnK7Q87.png1zdQOlO.pngx0voZBU.pngBc6rgjJ.pngFull Santa Suit - 100-200M (Per Piece)


blwa9Pc.pngK1GhFvP.pngyQSCDgh.png Anti-Christmas Ghost Set - 300-500M (Per Piece)


6xAGZ94.pngEaster Ring - TBD

JIb3qql.pngAmulet of Fiery Fury - 500M-1B


4vlF4SR.pngMonthly Boxes - TBD

P5W7uCM.pngChristmas Mystery Box - TBD

SpSXEdM.pngSuper Mystery Box - TBD

qrAIvEv.pngMystery Box - TBD

Summer Shop

R2Xg4Os.pngAmulet of The Damned - 500-750M

vvgXDG5.gifPrimal Gauntlets - 50M Maximum: these gauntlents are easily outclassed by lower-tier armor.

EtyS5q2.gifPrimal Boots - 500-600M

fwgyODl.gifKVHgwDY.gifPrimal Pick/Hatchet - 100M-200M maximum. After extensive testing I can safely conclude that the difference these provide compared to Dragon-tier tools is negligible and doesn't warrant making them cost half a bil.

GQXHAIt.gifPrimal Longsword - 1-1.5B

qQuZaO8.gifPrimal Rapier 1.5-2B

8c3ZI8k.giftEDmG3B.gifPrimal Body/Legs - 900M-1.2B maximum. These armor pieces are the best melee tank gear in the game. Slightly lower price than torva due to the lack of health boost.

q7Dq203.gif0ZZvoaj.gifPrimal Shield/Helm - 850M for the helm, primarily because some people will be using other items that are strictly better, such as Torva helm due to the life boost, or a Slayer helmet if on task, etc. Still great tank gear, so it retains a high price.

450M for the kiteshield due to Divine being in-game. It pretty much makes having a Primal shield useless. 

ekWDpl1.gifMl9FCvj.gifPrimal Maul/Primal 2H - 1-1.5B


mXXJ5DH.pngCele Hood - 900M minimum. Lower price than Pernix due to lack of life boost, but also offers BIS mage bonus in game, which makes it deserving of such a high price.

xb027f6.pngrcMpSDT.pngCele Top/Bottom - 650-750M due to the bottoms being outclassed by even Ahrims armor. Seller's discretion.

0MyLKqf.pngP1U3Fef.pngCele Gloves/Boots - 50M max for the gloves. Spellcasters are strictly better and free to obtain.

550-750M for Boots. Boots appear to be the second BIS in game, right below Eternal boots. 

g3RipYs.pngCele Staff - 950M-1.2B - Provides bonus magic damage. Highest tier mage weapon in the game besides the Hellfire staff, which hasn't dropped yet. On top of that, this weapon is the best mage DPS in game while also being 1-handed.

kRe0ywN.pngZ62Ybt8.pngBSYr8C5.pngNdxuAZV.pngHo7DkyB.pngAssassin - 300M Per Piece

sQdI6Aw.pngAssassin Sword - 300M Per Piece

Nex Items

0zmFvGo.gifTorva Full Helm - 1-1.5B

eRVXVvf.gifTorva Platebody - 1-1.5B

Sc0rr9D.gifTorva Platelegs - 1-1.5B


2UJUqj4.gifPernix Cowl - 1-1.5B

5GQ2mtn.gifPernix Body - 1-1.5B

k1RLtCS.gifPernix Chaps - 1-1.5B


mAe0xau.gifVirtus Mask - 1-1.5B

MPb1xRd.gifVirtus Robe Top - 1-1.5B

t8CNZZ4.gifVirtus Robe Legs - 1-1.5B


s9rQ8FE.gifZaryte Bow - 900M Minimum. Due to no Recurve bows being in-game right now, this bow provides the best 2-Handed ranged DPS in game, on top of the fact that it is an extremely rare drop from Nex.

Graetorian Armor

nsuYq9c.pngGraetorian Casque - 900M-1.2B

rtJtdqj.pngPendant of Graetoria - 600-750M

HZsCxpG.pngGraetorian Platebody - 900M-1.2B

w7KEoXj.pngGraetorian Striders - 900M-1.2B

jWTi7Uz.pngGraetorian Defender - 400-600M

Dragon Warhammer - 500-750M


Third-Age Sets

AxPVmFE.gifHelm - 250M

LrfIjy9.gifBody - 800M-1B

pfrqnaU.gifLegs - 800M-1B

zdSwnpE.gifKiteshield - 250M


MxVGePh.gifHat - 250M

oPTUP7h.gifRobe Top - 800M-1B

SB6bN8p.gifRobe Bottom - 800M-1B

wA4wyoO.gifAmulet - 250M


j9b0q9M.gifCoif - 250M

9twqIlg.gifBody - 800M-1B

jwnsV1B.gifChaps - 800M-1B

ceQ42zS.gifVambs - 250M

Spirit Shields

vHNOOnT.gifArcane - 400-500M

yLWZe4v.gifSpectral - 200-300M

FcgrAjo.gifElysian - 400-500M

H0qWWVT.gifDivine - 700-800M: Left this price alone but could definitely change in the future. It's used by a lot of people and has one of the best passive effects in game, as well as having great defensive stats.

ELiTzMp.gifSpirit Shield - 25M

CvzOsDD.gifBlessed Spirit Shield - 75-100M

BEduksR.gifHoly Elixir - 50M

God Wars Items

cC3Prh6.gifArmadyl Helmet - 50-100M

mB5HfLa.gifArmadyl Chestplate - 100-150M

TPfyI1K.gifArmadyl Chainskirt - 100-150M

FMjJL8p.gifArmadyl Godsword - 100-200M

yWMO1vt.gifArmadyl Crossbow - 100-200M


q2eueK8.gifBandos Helmet - 100-150M

cUKCpod.gifBandos Chestplate - 100-150M

0KJ3txG.gifBandos Tassets - 100-150M

ODXTtE7.gifBandos Boots - 20-30M

5LkyC1e.gifBandos Godsword - 50M


wjy0sMr.gifSaradomin Godsword - 50-100M

YwyGWiW.gifSaradomin Sword - 20-30M

Q8TGS9p.gifkwJJ40h.gif1uIdFbz.gifSaradomin Murmur/Whisper/Hiss - 75-100M Each


 8CUZXgq.pngX1r4y93.pngSubjugation Top/Bot - 50-100M Each

 6DqhJKI.pngvYsC7OC.pngu8uEb1i.png1uG1miw.pngSubjugation Hood/Gloves/Boots/Shield - 25-50M Each

2TVfOud.gifZamorak Godsword - 50M

Glacor Items

LyIW1cW.pngSteadfast Boots - 100-200M

DaeQK8g.pngGlaiven Boots - 100-200M

CM85oEG.pngRagefire Boots - 100-200M

zuLDZ7O.pngArmadyl Battlestaff - 200M maximum. Even though it does take time to collect the shards necessary to make one of these, it is easily outclassed by other staves. 

Combat Items

ReZFAjF.pngDragon Claws - 200-300M

iBXayRi.gifAbyssal Whip - 10-20M

D0tnvDe.gifWhip Vine - 20-30M

6Kqihe9.pngAbyssal Tentacle - 100-250M

uDAGuqX.pngHeavy Ballista - 500M (100M Per Piece)

n6k7R5j.pngDragonfire Shield - 40-50M

3AotBZa.gifFury (or) - 50-100M

L2wrObu.gifStaff of Light - 50M

QBynQSl.pngTrident of The Seas - 250-500M

idpc2tE.gifBerserker Ring - 40-50M

RnAjWjv.gifArchers Ring - 30-40M

8B1kuSs.gifSeer's Ring - 10-20M

5wvrsff.gifWarrior's Ring - 20M

dyp2gHe.pngSerp Helm - 1B

WCO3Gdk.pngDark Claw - 200-300M

o8njsiD.pngBlack Mask - 50-100M

bXsBuaz.pngFocus Sight - 100-200M

RrXBFAw.pngHexcrest - 100-200M

d5tKwRm.pngAmulet of Torture - 2-3B

njpqOjg.pngNecklace of Anguish - 2-3B

zyIVg2M.pngTormented Bracelet - 2-3B

74o0b8M.pngRing of Suffering - 2-3B

pgP3ZjP.pngRing of The Gods - 100M maximum. This ring is complete trash and is only worth 100M because it's a summer shop exclusive. Don't buy this.

KTKsw7u.pngTreasonous Ring - 500-750M

aMAWdpT.pngTyrannical Ring - 300-400M

5hes7Ae.gif0td9P88.gif1M4TCc1.gifkEIDSD9.gifCannon Set - 250M (Per Piece). I know, I know. But really, the only 2 ways to get this are by grinding slayer and getting lucky on SOF. They're in high demand too for people who train slayer and boss at certain places. I think these prices are fair on a per-piece basis.


5ZRJJeQ.pngPrimordial Boots - 1B

rGi0ZJa.pngPegasian Boots - 1B

LvVfzs4.pngEternal Boots - 1B


iJZlTIV.png4vKQ5oN.pngiOWoCzq.png4fRzXeV.pngColoured Staff of Lights - 200M - 400M


IagPxOE.pngigeLRK3.pngvGFCbJb.pngyY8TQbK.pngDragon Set (or) - 50-100M Per Piece

uCs6bdB.pngtMicwgM.pngx3VY7o6.pngeVzZjDU.pngDragon Set (or) - 50-100M Per Piece

Barrows Items

3KrvwrL.gifgky1lEB.gifN9s3Ixi.gifJoI2dXs.gifDharok's Set - 100M - 25M Per Piece


Yzgeyaj.gif02rbReJ.gifjZkWH9E.gifdQwfZF8.gifAhrim's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece


lttmeE4.gifpy7XIwX.gifQZc58OA.gifneYSoU6.gifKaril's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece


6lVYWj9.gifZ2WbYNf.gifs4jTuCn.giftpoogx1.gifGuthan's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece


zUqj3FW.gifqHOg37D.gifHfVYEnC.gifDDzcwGb.gifTorag's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece


69LhZRt.gifyDd0EKQ.gif6vTz1My.gifzfy5H4S.gifVerac's Set - 25M - 5M Per Piece

PVP Armour

f8IJ5CQ.gifMorrigans Coif - 10-20M

IcC2fkQ.gifMorrigans Leather Body - 10-20M

Qh2xbPS.gifMorrigans Leather Chaps - 10-20M


Ev9j7CP.gifStatius Full Helm - 20-30M

DPpoPej.gifStatius Platebody - 20-30M

UG8kw7p.gifStatius Platelegs - 20-30M

4IOowT9.gifStatius Warhammer - 100M minimum. This item's spec lowers the defense of bosses and basically offers you a dragon warhammer for 1/7th of the price. I personally use this item frequently at Nex. Using special restore potions, you can spec 3 times with this weapon before waiting for it to recharge. Very good item to have for PVMers.


EpKLZub.gifVesta Platebody - 20-30M

BX0axs8.gifVesta Platelegs - 20-30M

u2WRJNw.gifVesta Longsword - 20-30M

zf385x7.gifVesta Spear - 50-100M: Believed to be the best spear to use at Corporeal beast. Not many are in game, and the Draconic Lance is not confirmed to be considered a spear there. 


RYLpKNY.gifZuriel Hood - 10-20M

OM0u4ox.gifZuriel Robe Top - 10-20M

vYMrDkH.gifZuriel Robe Bottom - 10-20M

CWhOjNL.gifZuriel Staff - 10-20M

Skilling Items

qdRSuCF.gifInferno Adze - 150-200M: it is currently the most expensive skilling points shop item, and on some game mode that amount of points would take several 200m's to achieve. Deserving of a much higher price than what it was originally given. It also provides the ability to train 2 skills at once.

bU35pJo.gifAgile Top -25-50M

LF9ZAY0.gifAgile Bottoms - 25-50M

uspQrXL.pngBoots of Lightness - 25-50M

Buqymh0.pngvZ2RX3x.png65Eq8MY.pngNHUey0l.pngLumberjack Set - 100-150M

tZUSWUb.pngwvVzi7l.pngdkbVSGp.pngIyJooSA.pngBlack Ibis Set - 100-150M

x07lpmY.pngardvN5k.png9uo9vPF.pngyhPc3AD.pngGold Mining Suit - 150-200M

NC3oBua.pngFlame Gloves - 50M

Uh5UxvM.pngRing of Fire - 50M

hpH7XXj.pngMagic Secateurs - 25M

6w6L0DN.pngYaktwee Stick - 10M

Dihnvyw.gifOdd Lamp - 12.5M

t7xhWlD.pngCooking Gauntlets - 10M

4SPgxwt.pngDragon Pickaxe - 5M: Insanely devalued after last month's mystery boxes came out. Not worth 10M in my opinion.

latest?cb=20140803064610Dragon Hatchet - 10M


fOoRQNs.pngVoting Tickets - 5M period. You only get 9-10 every 24 hours and you are sacrificing your own chance at bonus XP by selling these. Only a limited amount can enter the game at one time anyways, so I believe 5M is fair.

DGY2C9M.pngAgility Tickets - 2M each: I know this is going to be controversial but due to how slow agility is, and how few people actually train it past 99 (Kemi), I think it's safe to put these at 2M each. Vote tickets take less time to acquire and they cost more than double that. It's fair I swear.

Skilling Supplies

tzlBoQq.gifMagic Logs - 20K

CHaQm4C.gifYew Logs - 10K

WdQM8gj.pngWatermelon Seeds - 50K

CM6UEgT.pngMagic Tree seed - 1-3M: too commonly dropped to be worth 5M each.

PelWHmn.pngYew Tree seed - 1M

5GmoXD8.pngLiving Minerals - 1K each, ridiculously fast to mine (you get like 15 at a time) and easily available to any donor. Let's face it, the majority of the server is donors at this point. 10K per mineral was a crazy price.

do3jUiZ.pngTeak Logs - 4K each. They haven't been made into planks yet and the previous price guide had them listed at the same price as mahogany logs.

pKsYFmP.gifTeak Planks - 10K

i1P9RBv.gifAdamant Bar - 10k each. 1 hour at aviansies nets you close to 1000 bars, or more, if you're lucky. They come very fast from slayer and other PVM as well.

qKcoHeU.gifRune Bar - 20k each. Doesn't provide double the experience of adamant, but takes a lot longer to gather them unless you buy bar packs.

7MBeFKF.pngMahogany Logs - 15K

oESDB7x.gifMahogany Planks - 20k

PMEH9Iy.gifRaw Rocktail - 15K each. Skilling should be profitable, but due to how fast you can catch rocktail, I would suggest this price. I understand that they are the best 1 click heal in game, but donating $5 allows anyone to fish them insanely fast. 

3LlSH25.gifCooked Rocktail - 7.5K

QW4YwXj.gifDragon Bones - 50K

Ourg Bones - 100K

bi0EVej.pngDagannoth Bones - 200-300k

Cosmetic Items/Event Items

yRb8LQD.pngAnti Chicken Head - 200-250M

syd90nc.pngAnti Chicken Wings - 200-250M

43TRgKU.pngAnti Chicken Legs - 200-250M

JhE05VO.pngAnti Chicken Feet - 200-250M These aren't stable atm, just prices I've seen being traded for!

wzMtqBl.pngBurnt Rubber Chicken - 200-250M

nmQEUfk.pngEggsterminator - 100-200M

nno5lAU.pngSqurriel Ears - 100-200M

WiaAinn.pngEgg on face Mask - 100-150M

9FAUlrh.pngChocolate Egg on Face Mask - 100-150M

h2gVkDQ.pngEaster Carrot - 50-100M


Bj94CIw.pngAle of The Gods - 10-15B

G8K34zi.gifChristmas Ghost Hood - 3-5M

azpm4c3.gifChristmas Ghost Top - 3-5M

XtvNolp.gifChristmas Ghost Bottom - 3-5M

af51IYf.gifCandy Cane - 3-5M

1yTa0gG.gifSalty Claws Hat - 3-5M

FyovVYi.pngChristmas Wand - 3-5M

cdVVviO.pngWintumber Tree - 3-5M

lwQ2AGe.gifSnow Globe - 3-5M

SEsGt4u.gifWeb Cloak - 5-10M

txhrpLo.gifBunny Ears - 5-10M

flTel06.gifRubber Chicken - 5-10M

mM0rPoN.pngGolden Hammer - 5-10M

VamOeyC.pngFish Mask - 5-10M

0KmWGXx.gifkOmzB9F.gifI0tTw19.gifjL0Cs0A.gifGilded Armour - 50M

Wf4LZaB.gifBasket of Eggs - 50-100M

C57mr61.pngSee-no-evil Monkey Hat - 50M

DfL4JLJ.pngGoblin Hat - 50M

i6GbwEM.pngBook of Faces - 50M

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Sorry bro but Jordos priceguide will stay as THE priceguide. Maybe talk to him about making changes? You shouldn't have really had to make this entire new guide man you should've just enquired about changing prices with Jordo lol


Also I'll always merch tickets hard af good luck anyone else trying to decide their price 

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You haven't really added anything of value either, no new items or anything.
You've written out some inflated values that you wish were true. Cannon and Adze spring to mind here.
As well as some items, Rocktail and Dragon hatchet that wouldn't be worth even considering trading at these prices, as rocktail sell for more at the general store and you can alch dragon hatchet for 8.5m. 
To your credit, partyhats should be worth more than the official price guide states.

ps. Armadyl battlestaff being outclassed is irrelevant as it's basically solely used for the Storm of Armadyl spell, making it the bis for this niche scenario.

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