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  1. i just recently accuired bronze patron donor rank and my prayer still drops while in doing pvm outside of wild of course
  2. i havent been a member to this server for long but i feel like i should say something 1. ive noticed this type of fall out in other servers and not one of them came up a few shut down...i dont want that to happen. 2. player base is key to prevent the enevitable. why do you think osrs is still a thing? 3. donations shouldnt have that much freedom i feel if you got the money so what? thats preventing new players to join up. it did with me for a few servers. 4. you want this to work? you have to work together, this is the most important of them all. we all got skills we maybe
  3. broken quest? im stuck in the west bank in varrock. and ive checked out everything.

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