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UPDATE: Exclusive Mystery Box

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As became obvious quickly; exclusive Mystery Boxes are amazing.

However at launch we probably didn't utilize the most efficient system.

Considering we sold out in less than 3 days, leaving the rest of the month & others abandoned.

So we polled you guys to see what would be the most viable option for them.


Clearly the overwhelming support rests in: Unlimited & Raising the limits.

Marzera then made a terrific suggestion:

Raise the limit, but release them in smaller batches throughout the month.

Until reading that; we have never thought of it!

As of now, that is how these Exclusive Boxes will work.


Instead of releasing the entire batch at the start of the Month;

Every week (specifically the 1st, 7th, 14th & 21st) of every Month a new batch will be available.

These will be batches of 150 every week.

So we took heed to your suggestions in raising the limit while also allowing everyone a chance at purchasing some.


What happens if there is some left over from one week, will they roll over?

No. At midnight server time (EST) on those specific days, whatever the quantity is (0, 30, etc) it will reset to 150.


These boxes are still exclusive. After a week sells out, that is it until the shop refills on the next fill date.

There is a timer in the shop (live now) that will show you when the next batch will be available.




These are still limited quantity per month (total of 600 every month), once it sells out; it is out.

New boxes are still of course being made for every single month.


Thanks to your suggestions & feedback, the exclusive Mystery Boxes now are much more fair.

This will allow everyone a chance at buying some, without the worry of selling out the entire stock from the start!

(and increasing the stock as per requested)


Thank you for all who gave feedback & voted in the poll!

Good luck on your boxes on May 14th!

Hope you enjoy :)




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