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Rule 10 Addition - Multi-logging; Raids

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The time has come.. After months of tweaking & balancing CoX and making it fit Ely, we've allowed the use of  'Alternative Accounts'  while raiding and we now think it's a good time to put it to a halt. We think it's too overpowered for one player to bring in two alt accounts with them to have 3 chances at a roll for a unique. From now on, there will be a zero tolerance rule for raiding with yourself & alt accounts. Those caught will be hit with a one and final warning, and repeated offenses will lead to permanent IP bans.


On 5/17/2019 at 3:43 PM, Kari said:

10. Multi-logging Accounts

Multi-logging is permissible & allowed in nearly all areas of the game except; multi-logging is never allowed at any
Bosses, Raids, Player and/or Staff-hosted events or the Wilderness.




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