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Forlorn Shard Price Drop

Should Forlorn Shard be Dropped in Price?  

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  1. 1. Should Forlorn Shard be Dropped in price to the suggested in my post?

    • yes
    • no

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I think Forlorn Shard should be dropped in price in PvM points to 2m-2.5m pvm points for regular players and for Irons should be 1.5m-1750k

I did a few calculations on how many kills you'd need from each boss at the current price, this list will include PvM points per kill and how many kills needed to obtain on regular days and 2x weekend,(first number will be PvM points per kill, 2nd will be how many kills to obtain on regular days, 3rd will be how many kills needed on 2x weekend to obtain).

Armadyl - 1160 per kill, kc needed 3017, on 2x weekend 1508
Bandos - 1248 per kill, kc needed 2804, on 2x weekend 1402
Chaos Elemental - 1525 per kill, kc needed 2295, on 2x weekend 1147
Corp - 1570 per kill, kc needed 2229, on 2x weekend 1114
Dagannoth Kings - 606 per kill(1818 for all 3 npcs), kc needed 5775(1925 all 3 npcs), on 2x weekend 2887(962 for all 3 npcs)
Demonic Gorillas - 550 per kill, kc needed 6363, on 2x weekend 3181
Grae - 1600 per kill, kc needed 2188, on 2x weekend 1094
KBD - 552 per kill, kc needed 6340, on 2x weekend 3170
Nex - 2002 per kill, kc needed 1748, on 2x weekend 874
Saradomin - 1192 per kill, kc needed 2936, on 2x weekend 1468
Zamorak - 1300 per kill,  kc needed 2692, on 2x weekend 1346
Zulrah - 1450 per kill, kc needed 2413, on 2x weekend 1207

I'd love to hear the feedback on this, Thanks for taking time to read and i hope you have a blessed day 🙂 

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No support, PVM points are supplemental to the real drops you get from bossing and should be treated as such. Looking from another perspective, 3.5m PVM points equates to 175 PVM boxes or 5.25b if sold for 30m each. If anything, considering that irons have less things to spend points on, I'd say that the forlorn shard could be more expensive for them.

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  • Developer

No support from myself, you can do all content very effectively with just a t3 chaotic. I'd be cool with having a reduced cost AFTER you buy your first one, the first primal is the one that makes a real difference to your account, if you got a forlorn rapier and then wanted to try the maul I would be ok with it costing 2m pvm points since you already bought one. 

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  • Administrators

No support here, when making the prices and item, the idea wasnt to make it easy to get as a t3 forlorn rapier is essentially a bis melee weapon

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