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fm das

Loot from ~1000 Armadyl Kills (1975-3000)

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Hello, I set my self a small goal of killing some Armadyl while I max my Legend alt. Hope you can all enjoy this as much as I did doing it.



1025 Kill tab:




I'll continue to post update collection log screenshots in 1000 kill increments until I reach my all-time goal of 5000, but I think I'll go ahead and liquidate the tab for now :D..




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On 9/9/2021 at 11:20 AM, Callum said:

Some impressive loot there for 1,000 kills! What setup were you using and how many kills an hour on average?

Not sure the kills per hour, as I'm afk most of the time, but I averaged around 200 kills per day over the course of 4 days 🙂

Supreme mage aura, t2 hellfire/sub boots > blood barrage.


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