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GIM Opoxi

Quest Guide (all quests) (In Progress)

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Hey all, 

I've decided to write up quest guides for all of the quests currently in Ely.

I will update in the future if anymore are added (including events).


The Founding Festival

Please use Longshots Guide as this is perfectly written with plenty information.

Click Here For Guide


Cook's Assistant


Requirements to start Quest

40 Thieving

50 Combat level

1. Speak to Roddeck who is located at varrock fountain (Use varrock teleport or ::tele varrock)


2. Select option 1 for Cook's assistant then Option 1 for "Who was killed?".

3. Make your way over to the Blue Moon Inn which is located just south of Varrock and speak to Dr. Harlow,  then cook who's in the kitchen.


4. Climb down the ladder and search these crates;


You will find a Rusty Scimitar, Return upstairs and talk to the Bartender.

5. The bartender will tell you to go to the sword shop, This is right across from the Blue moon Inn.


6. Speak to the Shopkeeper, Ask about the shadow sword.

7. Teleport to Alkarid (::tele al)

8.Speke to Zeke who's just slightly north of the teleport.

9. Head South until you get to the Shantay Pass and speak to Shantay.


10. After speaking to him, Teleport back to Varrock and speak to Roddeck, He will tell you about a robbery that's happened at varrock west bank. Head over to the bank and speak to one of the bankers.


11. After speaking to one of the bankers, use the ladders to get upstairs. Pick up the piece of clay on the opposite side.

12. Teleport to the champions guild (::tele champ) and  Click on the rock (Yellow dot on the map) and Eblis will spawn. Talk to him and you will receive the Exalted Silver Ring. 


13. Head back to the Blue moon Inn and speak to Dr. Harlow and go through the chat dialogue, He will tell you about his Cart.

14. Head south of Varrock and search the Cart, You will receive the Ring of visibility.

15. Gear up (Make sure to bring the SHADOW SWORD & RING OF VISIBILITY) and teleport to Pollnivneach (::tele poll), Then head north west to the mining camp. (You do not need waterskins)


16. When at the enterance, Pickpocket the Mercenary Captain for the gate key and walk through the gate.

17.  Equip the shadow sword and ring of visibility and Open the Curtain on the house, When inside, climb up the ladder and pick up the book.


18. Teleport back to the champions Guild and head east to the Exam Center (Near the digsite), Speak to the Examiner and select Cook's Assistant. Run through the Dialogue.


Congratulations, Here's the Reward. 





Examiner's Apprentice 

Please follow @Winter's Guide, I will eventually write this up when I get around to it.


The Christmas Catastrophe (UNABLE TO COMPLETE, CHRISTMAS QUEST, Will add if something changed)



The Camel's Boy 



22 Slayer

A High level combat

Combat Gear & food

1x Ice Cooler (Can be bought from slayer shop)



1. Teleport to Nardah (::tele Nardah) and speak to Awusah The Mayor just east of the teleport.



2. Head south and speak to Zahra


3. Head to the most northern house and speak to Ghaslor the Elder.


4. Head west to the Crevice and you will see Elly the camel, Talk to the camel and you'll read in chat "You've found Elly, But Ali is nowhere in sight". 


Head back to Zarah to tell her the news.

5. She will ask you to speak to Zahur, who is located in the most southern house (Just south of Zarah).

6. Zahur will ask you for two items, Desert Goat Horn and The largest bone from a Desert Lizard,

Firstly, Head west,  You will find a pack of goats. Kill the Billy goat to receive the Desert Goat Horn.


Secondly, Head north until you come across the small lizards. Kill one to receive the bone (You will need to use the Ice cooler on the lizard to finish it off)



Return to Zahar and talk to her.

7. When Zahar gives you the potion, run north to Ghaslor and speak to him so he will enchant the potion.

Now is the time to get some food (and potions if needed) from the bank.


8. Run east back to Elly the Camel, Drink the potion and talk to her. She will explain that Fire monsters came from the ground and dragged Ali into the crevice. Enter the Crevice.

9. Run to where the burnt chest is, You will find Ali. Speak to him.


10. Ali has told you about a Man keeping him trapped there, Head towards the end of the dungeon (where it says Fareed on the image above), There you will find a Mysterious Man, talk to him.

11. When you finish talking to him, He will transform into a lava monster to try and kill you. Pray Melee and fight him.


When you finish him off, You will see in the chat "As the lava monster falls, you hear a loud ring. Ali screams in the distance."

Head back to Ali and speak to him, He will explain that he needs to stay there and you say you'll tell his Mother that he's still alive.

12. Teleport back to Nardah and speak to Zahra, she will ask you to speak to Shiratti the Custodian who is located in the centre of Nardah.

13. After speaking to Shiratti, go back and speak to Zahra to claim your reward.


Along with this, Zahur will do some pretty useful things.



Ely Easter Egg Hunt




1. Teleport to Clan Camp (::tele clan) and follow the path south slightly, You'll see the Easter Bunny at the side, Talk to him.



Clan Camp

A. Head north into the clan camp, In the tent you will find the egg.


Take one.

Mining Pit

B. Head slightly south east to the mining pit, The egg is in the center.


Take one egg.


C.Teleport to Rimmington (::tele rim), You will see the egg as you teleport in.


Take one.


Port Sarim

D. Run east to Port Sarim, The egg is near the Monks of Entrana


Take one.


Mudskipper point

E. Head south from Port Sarim to reach Mudskipper Point OR teleport back to Rimmington and run South East.


You guessed it...Take one.

2. Now that you have all 5 eggs, Teleport back to Clan camp and speak to the Bunny.








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