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Some New Player Feedback

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After about 48 hours of playtime in the server I believe I've gotten an understanding enough of Ely to give some honest feedback. I've played Zarpor, Rsps2 and now, Ely. First impressions of the server are that it has a very Zarpor-like feel but with some much needed QoL updates. There's certainly massive influeneces from the older server's which is good. Definitely more content to do, with more unique content and rewards. There's a similar rewards/donations systems, however, Ely continues to reward players with larger contributions more so than the other 2 and thus incentivizes said players to keep contributing. The in-game UI is incredibly easy to navigate and is quite user friendly, which, for a player like me who prefers to teach themselves, is a huge plus.


It's not all smooth sailing but, and I fully understand that there is bound to be hiccups whether they be bugs, bad experiences, etc. So I'll go through a few of the things where the server can improve from. As I said before, I'm a player who teaches myself how to play games and figures out the best play style for me, so that means I prefer to read guides if I'm unsure of something or the good old fashioned method of doing/failing. I would like to see some more detailed New-User friendly guides on the forums and also a little bit more of a detailed item use write up on the wiki. For example, with the prayer guide; I received some Void Bone drops from a Tormented Hatchling, first thought was "Cool I guess these are one of the best bones in the game". I un-noted them and they had no bury option so I assumed they were altar only, I then went to the altar and again no options so then I went to the prayer guide and while very detailed on the xp rates and amounts of the different bones I'd need to get to 99, there was no explanation on how to exactly use the bones. The only way that I figured it out was that another player had the same issue and asked before I did  so I figured it out from there but I would have preferred to have not relied on asking. This is in no where an attack on the guide or the guide creator, I just feel that as an official guide there could be a little bit more of an explanation on how to bury/offer the various bones.

As for the wiki posts (this isn't a massive issue if there's no room/pages available, etc.), when you go into the wiki search from the website, not the client, and you go into the Items and Equipment and type in the Item you're chasing, the search prompt comes up so you click on it and all that shows up is a blank page. Again it's about my personal preference of not asking other players so I can figure the game out for myself. The reason why I mention this is simply because I couldn't figure out what a Dark Totem does so I asked at home "what does a Dark Totem do?" and I received the reply "It's for Skotizo", I'm not trying to bad-mouth the player because he did actually answer me but it didn't answer my question so I went and searched the forums. I couldn't find anything that I found useful so I searched the wiki and that really did nothing to help either because there just wasn't information on it. As a matter of fact, I still don't know what a Dark Totem does.


That leads me into my final feedback agenda, and the least of the issues as far as I'm concerned, the Forums Search. As the forums are on dark mode, when you search using key words, the words are highlighted as white completely blocking the word from sight. Instead of using a "white highlighter", maybe switching to a yellow may fix it so you can actually see the word. Again not a massive issue but a bit of personal preference.

I've also noticed the lack of staff in the Australian afternoon - late evening timezone slot 4pm AEST (7am BST/10pm PST) to 12am AEST (3pm BST/6am PST). While it isn't a busy time for the server with not many players logged in, it's always handy to have a staff member active to deal with potential issues that may arise. I'm sure that there are many players that would put their hand up for an opportunity like that. More an observation than an issue and I'm not telling you guys how to run your server.


The one thing I do miss about Zarpor and really wish I could see on Ely, is the forum presence. The forums back in the day were generally always popping, there was very rarely slow days. It was always quite fun to be around. But oh well, enough rambling from this foolish old timer!

In the mean time, I hope this helps and I'm going to continue maxing, Ciao!

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This seems like all little issues that can be patched fairly easily. Appreciate the feedback as the next few months of Ely will likely be focused on QoL and bug fixes. As for forum activity, a lot of people use discord now so the forums is not the primary form of communication outside the server anymore. Hopefully as we grow activity will grow all around.


Nice to see you back. Thanks again for the info!

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Thank you for the feedback, especially on the guide side, as I've personally taken it upon myself to try to release guides in the past - although I don't have the time I used to anymore.

I agree 100% that there is a lot of work to be done with guides and tutorials, especially guides for newer players, and I would love to see a lot more guides but there are not many people around that want to make them, which I understand as it can be time consuming.
I will edit the prayer guide to include a section about the void bones and more if I find anything worth mentioning.
I'd love to make some more guides when I have the time, so if you have any topics in mind let me know 🙂

On the forum activity - I agree, I love active forums and to take part in all sides of the community, but as Matt has already mentioned, a lot of what goes around takes place on Discord nowadays and unfortunately forum activity has been down for a few years now.

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This is GREAT feedback!! blessed you were willing to give ur thoughts on the server and the clearly indicating cracks that need sealing. As for the void bones you mentioned, ya that should be on the prayer guide; but actually i have it on my ruins/harb guide ;;topic 3687,  just because they come from there. It it tough not having someone from australian zone for staff but its made up for, theres at least 1 available staff member on at most times. Glad you're enjoying yourself keep it up BEAST!!!

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