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easy mate

PK tournament Saturday 10th of April for a Cosmetic item!

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PK tournament taking place on the 10th of April at 10pm UTC

Calling all pkers and pk wannabes! nows your chance to prove yourself as more than an Ironman or PVMer in this Ely Pk tournament.

Thanks to Lation and Splash for one time only the top prize for this event will be a CUSTOM ITEM of your choice and design! 

(normal custom item guidelines apply)

Second place will receive a max cash stack

The tournament will take place at Edgeville ditch north of the general store.

Acceptable inventory and gear setups are as follows:

Helm slot: helm of Neitiznot

Amulet slot: Amulet of Glory

Torso slot: Rune platebody/Fighter torso

Legs slot: rune platelegs

Boots slot: Dragon boots

Main hand slot: Abyssal whip (vine whip is NOT allowed)

Off hand slot: dragon defender/Obby shield 

Cape slot: Fire cape 

Gloves slot: Barrows gloves

Ring slot: Ring of recoil


I will be examining each participant before each fight so don't even think about cheating, I know what you nerds are like.

Rules during the fight:

1. All fights will be a fight to the death.

2. You may double spec with DDS, but no more than 2 special attacks may be used back-to-back.

3. The prayer Soulsplit may be used only when out of usable food. (brews and rocktails included)

4. Any kind of double death will result in a rematch.

5. Bonfire HP boost is not allowed.

Once you win your fight you will progress to the next round. until a winner is found.

I hope this event will be something different and a lot of fun with a Huge prize for first place! If you're not normally a peer remember it will just take a lucky spec and vent Combo to get your hands on your very own custom item!

I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!




Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 21.43.34.png

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