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Vorkath Combat Mechanics Explained

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Thank you @feed for helping😄




1 very important thing to know about vorkath




It is an Safe Death for others. For now.





All attacks explained: 




Grey projectile (Range damage)   



 This attack will damage player rarely 100-400 (range damage). After every grey projectile attack, vorkaths next move is fireball from above so prepare for that.




Fireball From above


This fireball can be avoided by stepping away 2 tiles. If you manage to step 1 tile away, the fireball will hit 400-600

Fail to avoid the fireball you will be hit 900-990 damage



Purple Fire Breath



This attack does not make any damage to the player however it will turn all of your prayers off. 

(highly suggest to use quick prayers whenever you get hit by 1 of these. You can access quick prayers by right clicking prayer icon near the map)



Red Fire Breath


This attack will hit you 50-500 (Recommend to use anti fire potions to reduce damage taken a bit)





Poison Fire Breath


This attack will not damage the player however it has small chance to poison the player (rarely). The poison damage will be increased from 60 to 200 over time. You can avoid this damage by  1. sipping anti venom potion  or 2. sip poison potion once and use poison aura (sipping poison potion once will make the venom effect go away & turns it into poison. Poison aura starts healing you the amount of damage the poison makes.)



Here you on the left is healing (sip 1 poison pot & use poison purge aura) & on the right you can see the poison damage without venom pot / aura

2034497436_vorkheal.gif.e7e2bc83dc96f9e182e06334c733315d.gif                                  1443166091_vorkpoison.gif.8c3b59dbfff4448dd399926d1ba84eb5.gif


Using the left side tactic with soulsplit prayer makes you almost invincible.



Freezing Breath


This attack will freeze the player (No damage) and vorkath will spawn a ''Zombiefied Spawn''

Notice: Vorkath takes no damage while you are freezed.

You can avoid the zombified spawn by using '' Crumble Undead '' spell from normal spellbook (will require level 39 magic to use). This spell will insta kill the spawn. Failing to kill this small spawn, will damage you 100-500



Double Cyan Balls


This attack VERY RARELY damages the player 100-200. The most harmless attack ever...



Rapid Fireballs



In this attack vorkath will spit poison around the map and shortly after that will start shooting fireballs every 1 seconds. This phase lasts 11-12 seconds. Attacks can be avoided by walking around the map for 12 seconds or you can attempt to ''woox walk'' the fireballs.

If you step on poison tiles vorkath gets healed the amount of the damage done to player 50-80. If you fail to move and fireballs starts to hit you, they will make 200-300 damage per ball. I recommend to turn off run & only walk while killing vorkath. Running just makes it harder.


Example of woox walking the phase





When it comes to gearing, you can use 1 of these or even modify them a bit yourself

Bis Melee & Range gear

If you have vorkath as a slayer task (Blue dragon task works too), then i recommend to use slayer helmet over anything.


Remember you can change any of these items if you want 🙂 


Melee Setups:




Can switch lance to primal rapier, battleaxe

Range setups:


(Can switch weapons & Bolts to Onyx bolts (e), Zaryte bow, Graetorian recurve bow, Toxic Blowpipe.)

(Can switch Pernix to Guardian)


sorry ill provide equipment bonuses whenever i get those items 😕


Affordable Gear


Melee Setups:


(Can change shield to chaotic kiteshield, divine)


Range Setups:


(Can switch weapons, Bolts & shield to Onyx bolts (e), Zaryte bow, Graetorian recurve bow, Toxic Blowpipe, eagle-eye kiteshield, divine.)




Inventory setup





You can make all the changes in the world yourself too 🙂 but this is what i recommend to take. Use rocktails only if you are about to die for quick hp.




this video is bugged. i cant remove it.............

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12 minutes ago, Xenith said:

Thanks for this guide! Been looking to get into Vorkath.


Not sure if it's just my end but only the first 2 images are loading, everything from the Fireball section down has no loading images for me. 

Nice 😄, hope this helps to understand the mechanics.

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Thank you for the guide boss, we love Chimp.

                                                                  [maybe a bit too much]

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