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New Event?

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I was thinking, Have a donation week/month. Where the ely community comes together and donates as much as we can within a week/month and Lation matches that with in game.


Every $1 donated Lation puts 2m into the well at the end of the week/month.

So if $200 if donated within the time limit he puts 4b into the well of goodwill.

Just an idea 🙂

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It's a very interesting idea that isn't too dissimilar to a suggestion I made not too long ago which revolved around Voting instead.

I do feel there could be negative implications with this idea as it almost passively creates an idea of donating being a 'must-do' kind of thing.

An outsider looking in could see this as a money grabbing idea, with players basically having to pay to earn the reward of a well of goodwill.

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