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The Decanter

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Another day, another suggestion. And this time we're going to focus on a useful yet broken part of the game; the Decanter npc. As always, this'll be multiple suggestions split into sub-sections in more detail below.

Create Unfinished Pots for X Amount of Gold:

A feature heavily used in OSRS at Nardah, the NPC Zahur will take any Vials of Water and Clean Herbs that you have noted in your inventory and exchange them immediately for X amount of gold. This would be a fantastic way to get bulk Unfinished Potions whilst also serving as a small gold sink.

More information about Zahur located here - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Zahur

Decant Dose Styles:

As of right now, any noted Potions you take to the Decanter will be combined into 4 dose Potions. My offer here is to allow the option to split these into each individual dose as it is on OSRS (1, 2, 3 or 4). Potions such as Extremes, Super Antifires and Overloads require you to have Potions with 3 doses, which can be a nuisance when having to drink a dose of each Potion and wasting supplies. This option would fix that dilemma.

Notable Potions:

While the majority of Potions can be exchanged into 4 doses, select Potions such as Extremes, Super Antifires and Overloads can not (and can't even be decanted when they're un-noted having to do these manually). Changing these to have the ability to go into noted form would mean that you could do all of your exchanges in one batch instead of an absurd amount.


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