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Summer Shop is OPEN & Last June Box Drop

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Welcome to the 2nd opening of the Ely Summer Shop!
Please note, this is an addition to the Donor Stores - it is only here for a limited time and uses EPoints!

The Summer Shop features the following items:

Amulet of the Damned
Treasonous Ring
Ring of the Gods
Primal Gear & Weapons
Celestial Gear
and the cosmetic Assassin's Set

Some information regarding the items in the shop..

Amulet of the Damned is 2nd best in slot for necklaces compares to fury; giving it an additional +5 in Attack bonuses & +2 in Strength!
Primal Boots are best in slot for Strength compares to Steadfast boots giving it a +10 in Strength!
Celestial Staff is the best in slot Magic Staff as well as the Celestial boots are best in slot for Magic!

Where is the Summer Shop?

The Summer Shop is found in the Home Bank next to the Donor Store & Vote Shop Fellas'
See below for a screenshot of the NPC & Location - NPC name is "Summer" (fitting, right?).




Keep in mind, this shop will only be available for 2 months!
At the end of August this shop will be removed until next year!

Lastly, the June Boxes..

The very last drop of June Boxes are available in the Shop in 150 quantity! This will be the last of these boxes until we introduce the gorgeous July Exclusive Box!

Enjoy fam, and I will see you in-game! 🙂

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