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  1. I don't agree with this actually I farmed up 200k in 30 Minutes probably a bit more time but not much time its acutally doeable and very fast that's why I would price it even higher.
  2. Good job on this this will help the new players ^^
  3. It looks bettter looks can enjoy the forum even more ^^
  4. Lucky mee have a Party hat hehe. Good Update liking the Changes keep it up ^^
  5. I agree I was talking about this with Callum, hoping too see more activity of the Community at the Forum including me :)
  6. Yeah really good luck with your studies. You beast at skilling
  7. Hope you come and enjoy Ely will be there for any questions I can anwser ^^
  8. Hope you enjoy your time it's nice having new member haha
  9. ingame name: elythefirst Description of bug: Dungeoneering items don't spawn on the table, I have no access to items when I train Dungeoneering Screenshot: Detailed Explaination: When I try to start Training Dungeoneering, and enter a Dungeon Room. Everything seems fine until the Dungeon starts in the Screenshot you can see that there are not items when I spawn. so its hard to level Dungeoneering without weapons, or food. I hope you get what I mean. Thank You - from Ely

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