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  1. Owner Lation - only person thats not a sensitive person Matt - idk this person Developer Luke - ? Splash - ?? Administrators Kari - dont know much about this guy but he called me an idiot once on discord Global Moderators Nick - ? Server Moderator Nicky - ? Forum Moderators Enzyme - ??? Support Jordan - idk
  2. Depends on where you live, for me for instance, it's not that costly as it is over in the States. I can get a bachelors and masters for maybe less than 15k, not to mention if you have a job while you are studying that debt you owe is even less. Currently it costs me ~$1400 yearly for my bachelors, which is 4 years. for masters it's the same costs except it's 3 years.
  3. you have to see school as a back up plan incase you can't succeed with whatever you wanna be in life

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