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  1. I might come back if it means having a bot for all of my alts. Can't wait to get 197m mining xp over and over again
  2. intrances

    Buff Dung

    Full support to everything in the thread. Full RS dg is probably unrealistic to replicate but some new bosses would be great. At the very least, the current bosses could be given some variety given that they all just use mage and you tank n spank. I also love the idea of being able to sell floor leeches, i might even start mainscape to be a dger ;);)
  3. Full support, I like the passive skill speed buffs especially
  4. Support everything said. Side note: kill aviansies for noted addy bars and youll have smithing in no time(this doesnt mean I dont support superheat)
  5. Had a stack of noted raw shark, a stack of cooked shark, and 26 cooked. After misclicking to note the cooked, i went to unnote the raws and it deleted one. I dont know if the item being sharks makes a difference
  6. In-game Name: InTrances Description of bug: When using bank notes on a bank booth to unnote, if your inventory is full it displays the "your inventory is too full" message but deletes 1 of the noted items from the stack. Detailed Explanation: Fill your inventory and have a stack of bank notes, try to unnote on bank booth, watch item disappear.
  7. intrances

    Max Guild

    I felt that adding a 3 spot of either would create a new meta, whereas adding iron still adds a solid training method without changing the plan to 200m mining
  8. intrances

    Max Guild

    100% support I would say the goal is to provide a place for maxed players to hang out and be able to skill together while not completely voiding the need for a maxed player to use the regular home, segregating the community. Some ideas to add to guild: Banker/GE Undying fire for bonfires/cooking Prayer altar(closer than one at home, gives same xp as home altar) Slayer Master (skeptical of this one) Summoning obelisk for making pouches. This would be the closest obelisk to a bank.
  9. When using the Player owned house gilded altar, you can successfully use bones on the altar for increased experience as well as light the burners with marrentil but no extra experience is gained when the burners are lit.

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