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    Usually I wouldn't make a thread just for a small change or two but due to ending up with quite an extensive list of changes I decided to post a thread on these changes to keep those who are not in our Discord up-to-date on the following changes: Collection Log Updated - Added Zulrah & items - Added Verac's Skirt - Fixed Black Mask ID - Added KBD, KQ & Abyssal Heads OSRS Items - Toxic Blowpipe venom now works as intended - Trident of the Swamp venom now works as intended PvM Shop Change - Replaced Prayer Renewal potions with flasks in Prayer Renewal Pack Drop Announcements - Removed "Smouldering Stone" from drop announcements - Added all Zulrah items to announcements Celestial Gear Adjustment - Robe bottoms now have a Mage bonus of +29 - Robe top now has a +39 Mage bonus Training Zone Update - NPC's no longer follow & attack the player when task changes - Barrow's gloves now purchasable from Training Zone shop exclusively - Achievement progress interface no longer overrides Training Zone's Misc. Changes - Fixed OSRS Goblins drop table - All Zenyte items now have a higher GP value & proper examine texts - Grae bow changes have been reverted Be sure to check out our brand new Store!

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