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Steves Safety Net / Centrelink

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Hello everyone it is Crazy steve here, i hope everyone has been well. Infact, i strive to see all my fellow gamers around edgeville and beyond at their peek at all times, no one likes to see someone struggle. I had a thought and i believe i can make edgeville a better place and bring support to the city and the folk of the town. Are you a new player? Do you find yourself begging for money at home (askim)? Do you find yourself owing tick every week (joel)? well look no further, steves saftey net is here to keep you cozy.


 Now im not a miracle maker here, but i have a few things i can do to give players a consistent income if they need to make some quick easy guaranteed coin.

1. The first thing you can do each day, or even twice if your able to isvote. Do this and sell me your vote tickets, i am happy to keep offers in the ge for the foreseeable future if people are happy to use this as a way for daily income. Offer is in the ge at 5m a ticket as of now.

2. Second of all you can always run some hot laps on the agility courses. You can get the tickets at the wildernes agility course, the advanced gnome course and the advanced barbarian outpost course, 1 per lap. I may be looking at getting 200m agility on legend and will be buying agility tickets for 3m on the ge.

3. I will be buying prismatic gems for 15m, you can obtain these alot of ways including ::train, sof spins + many others.

These are just a few ways you can do some daily thing to assure you have some income in, you might find sometimes people are offering better prices and thats great but i can atleast keep the cash flowing in if your keen to do some work.
 If you can manage to donate i will always be happy to pay cash upfront for scrolls. I am also happy to buy any $100 or $150 custom donations. You can contact me on discord via delete#2045


hope this helps fam love Crazy Steve / Sale


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