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Patch Notes LXXXIII (#83)

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Bug Fixes


Kalphite Queen pet collection bug fixed (release pets and re-collect from pet manager to update)

Examiner Assistant mining bug resolved

Brimhaven fruit tree patch bug fixed

Inferno Adze + Ring of fire / flame gloves bug fixed (XP granted upon log burning while cutting)

Unfinished dragon bolts been removed on all drops with usable dragon bolts

Looting bag + seed pouch stacking (noted) bug fixed

Harmony/salvaion/corruption aura's fixed

Crafting Onyx achievement fixed

Pathing bug fixed (includes not being able to attack Blink in specific tiles, etc)

Using Insta-Kill darts at corp (max damage cap) fixed

Lucien HP in Monster Carnage fixed

Enchanting dragonstone jewelry requiring 86 Magic fixed (now correctly requires 68)

Attacking NPC out of range with darts, bug fixed

Vyrewatch longsword made tradable (disassembly coming soon)

Polypore/Ganodermic/PvP Items will now drop upon death instead of being deleted

Wolpertinger pouch fixed

Misc achievements fixed



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