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Amulet of zealots(nerf) / zenyte jewelry(buff)

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Amulet of zealots

Change amulet of zealots to only boost single skill prayers.

This is the store page for the amulet of zealots. If you read the description, it says that it "improves the effect of any prayer that boosts only one skill." This should technically discount Turmoil, Piety, Rigour, Augury, and Chivalry since they all boost more than one skill.


Zenyte jewelry

the necklace of anguish, and tormented bracelet are not buffed properly in my opinion.

These are the stats of these items on ely, along with a picture of their stats on OSRS

Necklace of anguish  25 range bonus            Tormented bracelet  17 magic bonus

372036704_Necklaceofanguish.PNG.67d2cb1ae688979a8cd33e8ca0ea18d9.PNG    859633344_TormentedBracelet.PNG.45c576dccf67779f3699fb312083dfeb.PNG

I would argue that these items should be getting, at the very minimum, the prayer bonus, ranged str bonus, and magic damage %.

I didn't post the picture, but the torture in OSRS also has a prayer bonus of 2.

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Adjusted this post to better reflect why the amulet of zealots is too powerful.
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I agree the Zealots ammy is a bit overpowered in regards to it's buggy interactions with turmoil/pietys but it has no stats. It's genuinely a high risk, high reward item.. It has a MASSIVE negative prayer bonus that hinders any player that doesn't have access to unlimited prayer or without a max/comp cape/end game gear (grae in particular with it's prayer bonus). The drain rate is wickedly op and you're constantly chugging prayer pots to keep up your points, even with prayer renewals. The only way for this amulet to be effective in pvm is if you're near end game, which should be a little reward for getting thus far into the game.


The amulet is in no way a beginners item, you're sacrificing prayer bonus, defensive and offensive stats for a mostly free dps buff in comparison to a Torture, which is just flat bonuses. If anything, buff all Zenyte items. Give them a 15% increase in stats across the board so it reflects more with their price range, 3-5b per Zenyte item. Lastly, here is me in near end game gear with a Zealots struggling to keep my prayer points up. This doesn't need a nerf, Zenytes need a buff.



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I disagree with this, zealots negative pray bonus does make it balanced, if you wanna add a t2 anguish and torture fair enough, but to nerf the zealots would make it unusable, as fm says, zealots is only useable for end game players or players with unlimited prayer, the zealots offers a choice.

if this item was devaluing zen jewellery to the point where demonic gorillas weren't worth doing id understand, but the zenith items are still 4b each, it doesn't take anything away from the game

as I said id support a buff to tort and anguish (even though tort is already bis for melee) but to nerf zealots would just take variety and choice out of the game.

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