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Boss Pets should do DPS

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As boss pets are super rare, they should be given special abilities from each boss as attacks, so that they can do damage.

This would bring a big variant to summoning, as Steel titan wouldn't be the only best option as pet for PvM.

It would also motivate people to do more bosses in order to achieve better boss pets. 

This would also be a huge change and distinction from any other servers out there, bringing more players in.

As long as they are not too overpowered, but as well better in dps than regular steel titan (which is easily obtainable throughout skill) also requiring summoning lvl to be used, this should work very well!


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This would bring some cool content however I'd personally prefer us to have Pet Overrides instead. That way, we can use a steel titan disguised as Nex! Cool suggestion, but I don't think this'll make the cut unfortunately. I do like the idea of having unique special abilities to the boss pets though, that's an interesting one for sure.

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Some requirements for support from me would be 99 summoning and the pet itself shouldn't do more damage than a steel titan. I don't see why it shouldn't be a thing if they are basically just cosmetic versions of a steel titan.

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