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T2 Chest Options

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Apparently we're all too lucky for our own good when it comes to the dreaded upgrade chest.

I propose two things:

  • a third option be given to automatically recycle items for prismatic gems, along with a certain percentage chance (I would think 50% would be fair) to receive twice as many.
    • Amulet of Fury gives 1 gem for failure
    • Amulet of Fury gives 1 gem for recycle + 50% chance to double (25% chance to double seems to have more support)
  • If T2 is not intended as the max for this new system then I'm sure there's already ideas for where to go from there. If not, then I would propose the recycle option for T2 items as well, that would give twice as many gems as their non-T2 failure would.
    • Amulet of Fury (T2) gives 2 gems for recycle

The Fury is just an example

Feedback is appreciated, so if you have differing opinions or ideas please share them.

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I support this. but i believe 25% chance of the double gems when recycling. As well, to raise the cost amount of higher items (torva/grae/spirit shields/etc). People are just farming furies/dragon boots and just dumping them to get gems.

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I'd like to see more gems for scrapped higher tier items.

Most of them only give 25% of an upgrade in terms of crystals which is rough in my opinion.

For instance; 

Amulet of torture costs 40 to upgrade but a failed roll is only 10.
You'd have to scrap 4 of them just to upgrade your fifth.


I also know that's not how it's really being looked at at since everyone is just farming ;;train.

Could remove ;;train points as soon as you stop getting money also?

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