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A Word from Support Flip

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Due to Flip's inactivity recently, he asked to make a statement so that it could be posted to explain his current situation:


Fam, As you may have noticed I have been extremely inactive lately, I wanted to clear up why this is. It has nothing to do with Ely or the players, I miss ya’ll extremely much (even u Jeremy). At the moment Im in the last year of my school and they are pushing me to the absolute limit.


To give you an idea, they’ll give me assignments for 2 weeks, I’ll finish them in 3 days thinking now I’ll have some time off and they’ll just give me more or give me an exam. It is actually killing me.


I expect this all to calm down very soon and that will allow me to play more again, so be prepared for my HCIM to comp noobs.


Lots of love, Supreme Leader Flip


Also shameless plug: My bday is the 29th of September I’ll host a event in that weekend for yall


Thank you! And looking forward to see you soon Flip!

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A leave of absence might not be the worst idea. Let’s you not have to worry about the server till you come back then when things cool off, you hop right back in

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