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Fixing some of the examine values

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Hi Shrimpie here,

Im typing this not only for lation but for every1 else aswell considering we have some examine values of 200k on primal stuff my suggestion would be to up the examine price of some items for them to be protected like atm even a pair of dragon boots is protected over a primal item at least for long sword idk the other examine prices, i would be rly sad to lose a primal over d boots tbh, so id love if not only getting this fixed but help finding the stuff that might need a change and maybe put it in here, just so we have this stuff in one area and hopefully can get all these numbers fixed properly 🙂

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Support! Two other items I think could get a better examine value are customs and large xp lamps. Feel like customs should just be 2b and it would be cool to get different color item name for the large xp lamps so they stand out a bit more among other drops

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Quickly changed the examine value of Primal Maul, Primal Longsword, Primal rapier & Primal Battleaxe all to 1B.

Gonna keep this thread open for further suggestion on price changes.

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