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Patch Notes LXXV (#75) Bug Fixes Continue x2

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Bug Fixes Continue


Zulrah respawning issue has been fixed
Cosmetic Boxes going to Bot Banks should be fixed
Flask making XP/Glassblowing system revamped & fixed
Pet package pets can now have "Release" option & save in Pet Manager
Most Forgotten rangers in Dungeoneering meleeing instead of range, fixed
Super Prayers not notable & restore prayer points when consuming
Client XP tracker is now correct and live updates as intended
POH no-clipping/white screens should be resolved, keep us updated
Gilded altar burners now work & appear correctly
Purchasing Rune Pouch now updates Achievements properly
Stealing from a man for Support III in Achievements now works
Run 25 laps at Barbarian agility course in Achievements now works
Inferno Adze on Teaks & Mahog now work as intended (burns log & gives XP)
Nature Staff from Dungeoneering Rewards shop now gives the correct Staff
Double Dungoneering tokens day now works as intended
Scorching Blowpipe can now be traded and/or uncharged


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