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Hi friends

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 I'm Xenith (Eoteon everywhere outside Ely) nice to meet yall and see some of you again. I started playing Zarpor in 2013 and played for many years, helped as a mod on there a few occasions, really fond memories. Tried to get back into rs3/osrs but I'm old now and don't wanna spend the time, I maxed once on rs3 that was enough for me. Seems like a private server is the place I need to scratch this runescape itch.

Currently working as an Android Developer doin Java/Kotlin remotely and doin little things on the side. For games I really like Rocket League, Black Desert, Forza, Osu, Smite and NGU Idle to name some. Occasionally stream on twitch and do youtube uploads (YT), something I wanna do some more of for sure. Outside gaming I like anime, manga, mechanical keyboards, music, and recently started picking up skateboarding.


Excited to see yall ingame and make some new great memories! Awesome job on Ely btw, blown away by the feature fullness of it all 🙂

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