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Bug Fixes & Changes

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Bug Fixes


Zulrah Scales Teleporting bug has been fixed

Cavalier & Mask bug has been fixed on old item looks

Smithing Bronze Bolts (unf) has been fixed

Cerberus Slayer level requirement has been fixed (now 91)

Bloodvelds at Catacombs attack style has been fixed

Forlorn Hatchet & Pickaxe has been fixed

Vorkath fireball attack damage is now capped at 990

Brine Saber attack has been fixed

Donor Zone Minerals rock that was unreachable has been fixed

Knowledge base link on interface when going to the Wilderness has been fixed

Obsidian cape price bug (Tokkul shop) has been fixed

Unlimited arrows & bolts for Silver Patron bug has been fixed

Ignore list now blocks yells

Black/white screening when house owner leaves has been fixed


Changes & Additions


POH Portal now defaults to Home instead of Rimmington

Ground items now display quantity

You can now also set a minimum value for ground item names:

Using bones on Altars has been adjusted
Lighting burners now works as intended in POH
Burners time lasting is based off your Firemaking level, like RS
(Less than 85 Firemaking: 2 minutes | Scales up from level 85-99 for a maximum of 4 minutes)

  • Home Altar - 50% bonus XP
  • Gilded Altar - 250% bonus XP
    • 1 burner lit - 300% XP
    • 2 burners lit - 350% XP

The above XP rates are based off RS

We hope you enjoy these fixes & changes, let us know below ❤️

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